About her .

Just a story , read and you'll find out more .


2. going or not?


Liam: Abby?

Abby : Yes this is her

Liam : It's Me Mr.Liaon , but call me Liam

Abby : okay , what did you need?

Liam : do you wanna go to a Concert with me?

Abby : oh my yes i will , who though?

Liam : it's a suprise

Abby : okay so when?

Liam : November 3rd , 8:00?

Abby : okay well i be there

Liam : i'm picking you up

Abby : okay that's fine with me

Liam : Alright Goodnight Abby have a nice night , see you at 7:30 tomorrow

Abby : Goodnight

-he hangs up-

-Henry's house-

Henry's dad: Henry please talk to me

Henry : okay what do you want 

Matty (Henry's dad) : I'm seeing someone

Henry : wow dad already you and mom just got Divorced 

Matty : i think you would like her She haas a teenage daughter 

Henry : i have a girlfriend , but what's your "Girlfriend's" name

Matty : Lila Mckibben

Henry : are you fucking serious  That's Abby's mom

matty: Who's Abby

Henry : My fucking girlfriend you should know

Matty : Well you and this toy of yours is gonna break up in a couple of weeks

Henry : First of All this girl i love very much is not a toy she is a beautiful Human Bean , and i want to be with her for the rest of my life , i want her to be my wife one day and be the mom to my kids

Matty : you really do love her

Henry : of course i do 

-Gage's house-

Gage's mom : Hey bud how was Sasha's ?

Gage : It was fine

Gage's mom : Gage why aren't you talking to me or your father

Gage : because why would i start talking to you when you haven't talked to me in 15 years

Gage's Mom : Gage we have always tried to talk to you

Gage : no you haven't how about you fuck off and stop being my mom because i pay rent i pay all the bills i get all the food and i still don't get thanked for because i go to school and have a job , you didn't know that did you because that's why i'm always gone i'm working or sometimes i spend the night at Sasha's because she's the only one who appreciates that i'm on this planet unlike you -he goes to his room-

Brandy (Gage's Aunt) : He has a Point liz

Gage's Mom: Oh whatever

-Zion's house-

Zion's Sister : Did you get some more 

Zion : yes i did , gimme my money though 50 bucks pay up 

Zion's Sister:  okay here

-Sasha's house-

Sasha's Mom : Hey Sash Can you watch your sister for a minute

Sasha : Mom its like 11:30 at night n i need to get to sleep

Sasha's mom : Excuse me

Sasha : i'm going to bed i have school tomorrow

Sasha's Mom : fine go

Sasha : (say's under her breath "god i fucking hate this family")

Sasha's mom : then leave , in the morning go to school when you come back get all your stuff and go find somewhere else to live

Sasha : glad to

-The next day-

Gage : What the fuck she really did that

Sasha:  yea so now i have to find somewhere to live

Gage : stay with me 

Sasha : Like your mom would let me stay there

Gage : Sash It's my house now i pay everything your staying with me 

Sasha : okay Thank you baby

Gage : i'm always here for my princess

Speaker : Abby Mckibben come to the principles office please

Sasha : what did she do now

-Mr.Liaon's office-

Liam: Hello

Abby : you needed me?

Liam : you still wanna go to that concert

Abby : I feel like if i go My boyfriend is gonna break up with me

Liam : we are going as just friends Abby

Henry : going where

Abby : oh hey babe uh he was talking about inviting me to a concert

Henry : who's?

Liam : It's a surprise

Henry : okay seem's legit you can go i trust you 

Abby : awh thank you baby

-the bell rings-

Henry : Hey go to class i'll see you in a little

Abby : Okay?

Henry: I love you baby

Abby : I love you too.

-she leaves-

Henry : Look Mr.whatever stay away from my Girlfriend i know what your trying to do and you ain't taking her away from me goodbye

-he goes to class-

Liam: oh boy i got more power then you aha you have no idea what's coming


Sasha : Hey i'm gonna go get my stuff out of the house and put in my car so i don't have to deal with my mothers shit when shes off of work

Gage: alright

Abby : Hey guys

Sasha : Byeeee

Abby : oh okay 

Gage: she's getting her stuff

Abby: Why? vollyball is over

Gage : no her actual stuff

Abby: Why?

Gage : her mom kicked her out

Abby: oh i see





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