About her .

Just a story , read and you'll find out more .


3. Canada.

Mr.William : Mr.Liaon who do you need?

Mr.Liaon : i need Abby McKibben

Mr.William : Well Abby hasn't been at school for a week , anyone know why?

Zion : She and Henry are in Canada 

Mr.Liaon : may i ask why?

Zion : She's meeting her father for the first time

Mr.Liaon: oh okay

-Mr.Liaon goes back to his office-

-he starts calling her phone-

Abby : Liam , hey 

Mr.Liaon : You met him yet?

Abby : no not until tonight 

Mr.Liaon : goodluck okay

Henry (in the background) : hey babe  do you think this one looks better?

Mr.Liaon : I'm just gonna go 

Abby : oh okay bye 

Mr.Liaon : buh bye

-6:30 p.m.-

Abby : i don't think he's here yet

Henry : we don't even know what he looks like

Abby: let me call him and maybe we can see 

Henry : ok

-Abby starts calling him-

Henry : that guy over there maybe

Abby: hey are you here

Her dad: yes i am

-Henry walks towards the guy-

Abby: hi

her dad: hello Abby you can just call me Levi

Abby : oh okay well this is my boyfriend Henry

Levi : hello

Henry: nice to meet you sir

Levi : well okay sit down guys i bet you wanna know everything Abby

Abby: yea

-henry's phone starts ringing-

Henry : oh i'll be right back

Levi : does that always happen

Abby : yes

Levi : is he talking to other girls?

Abby : no he's having troubles with his dad who is dating my mother

Levi : speaking of your mother , does she know you're here

Abby : yes she does , is it true that you left her

Levi : no i got a job offer here and she came with , she got pregnant again when you were born she never got any sleep we always fought about stupid things one day i came home and you guys were gone

Abby : wait you said she got pregnant again

Levi : yea you have a brother 

Abby: what?!?

Levi : he's about 1 year older than you 

Abby : does he live here?

Levi : yes he does infact he works here , he's the chef

Abby : oh my god what's his name 

Levi : Elijah

Abby : waiter!

Waiter: yes? and hello Mr.Lyles 

Levi : Can you tell Elijah to come out here for a minute it's urgent

Waiter: yes sir

Abby : Lyles , was that my last name before?

Levi : oh it isn't aymore

Abby: no It's Mckibbin

Levi : wow

Abby: what?

Elijah: you asked to see me 

Levi : Elijah meet your sister Abby

Elijah: oh my god, i'm so glad i finally get to meet you

Abby : well hello

Waiter: Elijah we need you back in the kitchen

Elijah : oh alright Abby tomorrows my day off maybe we could get some coffee

Abby : i would love to but i'm leaving tonight

Henry : hey Ab who's this

Abby : my brother , Elijah this is my Boyfriend Henry

Elijah: nice to meet you , maybe i'll come to you one of these days

Abby : lovely bye -as they hug-

Levi : when does your flight leave?

abby : 8:35 

Levi : you better get going

Abby : alright goodbye -as they hug-


Henry: how old is your brother?

Abby : he's a junior like you

Henry : wow and he's a chef

Abby: yea



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