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7. Beginning of hell

First day of School for some , Who knew that there would only be 130 high schoolers at evergreen bay , It was the school that had barely any students let's move on now

speaker : Welcome Back Students , hope you all had a good summer , you all will find your schedules in the Gym .

Abby : Say hello to Sophomore year

Sasha : it's not that bad Abby

Abby : Says the one who hated Sophomore year

Sasha : true

Abby : How's Gage ?

Sasha : He's I have no idea , I haven't seen him all summer

Abby : Well maybe he will be here today

Sasha : probably not , enough about me , look who's over there

Abby : Oh well hey there buster

Henry : hello Princess , and Hello Sasha

Sasha : did you say my name?

Henry : and the bitch is back

Zion : Hey guys

Abby : Zion :) 

-Henry's face looks concerned-

Zion: hey Henry

Henry : what's up dude , how was your summer?

Zion : it was tight man , i was high the whole fucking time

Henry : nice i guess

Abby : oh my god

Sasha: what?

Abby : Look who is back

Henry : oh great 

Javier : oh look it's the emo's

Henry : Shut up Javier

Javier : Hello Abby :)

Abby : What do you want

Javier:  just say hello back and i'll leave you alone for the day

Abby : Hello Javier

Javier : also what's your schedule?

 Abby : the same as every other sophomore 

Javier : haha right , bye now

Sasha : ugh that guy is so irritating , where the fuck is Gage

Abby : he's probably late calm down

Sasha: Shut Up Abby, you always freak out when Henry isn't here 

Abby : well yea i do but-

Sasha : no fucking But's i wanna know where my fucking boyfriend is

Gage : he is right here

Sasha : Gage Where the fuck were you

Gage : i was getting my Schedule but apparently there in the gym this year 

Sasha : but we got here like 20 minutes ago

Gage : i just got here calm down

Sasha : no 

some girls : Hi Henry :) 

Henry : hello

Sasha : Abby aren't you gonna go fuck them up?

Abby : unlike you Sasha i'm not a jealous freak 

Sasha : shut up

speaker:  Hello Again Students this is your Principle Mr.Liaon i would like you all come to the Auditorium because we are having a assembly which we do every year on the first day , first go to your first period class thank you .

gage : oh great Mr.Liaon is back

Sasha : fuck my life

Abby : what's so bad about him

Henry : two years ago he was the principle and he slept with some of the students

Abby : why would they have sex with an old man ?

Henry : he's not old he's in his twenty's

Abby : oh

-bell rings-

Abby : bye guys

everyone : bye see in the auditorium 

Henry : bye Princess -as he kisses her goodbye-

Zion : Abby  where do i go?

Abby : room 124 i guess

Zion : where's that oh over there

Mr.Liaon : need any help? 

Abby : no uh are you a student here ?

Mr.Liaon : no i am your principle

Abby: holy wow you do look young i'm sorry

Mr.Liaon : It's Alright

-Abby and Zion were walking to the class-

Zion : Abby?

Abby : Yes?

Zion : Why are you dating Henry

Abby: because he is amazing and i love him

Zion : well that's good

-they walk in-

Alec : Abby?!?  i thought you said you were moving

Abby : nope not anymore

Alec : well good

Javier: stop Flirting with her man Her Boyfriend is in the next room over

-she looks out the door and see's Henry sitting with his head down-

Abby : Already? (she whispers) 

Unknown : Miss?

Abby : oh sorry 

Mr.William : Hello i am your teacher for this year my name is Mr.William

The class : Hello

Mr.William : Now let's go to the Auditorium

-the other class-

Sasha : God i can't believe we have this bitch this year

Mrs.Crain : Class let's go you know where we are going now go

-other class-

Some teacher : alright let's go

Alexander : Hey man What's going on?

Henry : fuck i'm sorry i fell asleep

-as they start walking-

Alexander : What's happening ?

Henry : Troubles with my parents i guess

Alexander : Does Abby know?

Henry : no not yet 

Alexander : well tell her 

Henry : i will , it's just she's love's them together and it might break her heart more than mine

Alexander : we all go through some stuff that hurts a lot but we live

Mr.Liaon : Hello students i met some of you today,  now i was the principle two years ago but here i am again , let's get down to business huh , All Freshmen stand up so about 40 nice , All Sophomores stand up ahh a lot of you guys , All Junior's Stand up 50 something , All Seniors stand up there is barely any of you guys , now may i have two sophomore's come up to the stage boy and girl , hello what are your names first and last

Abby : I'm Abby Mckibbin

Mr.Liaon : Now your the one that mistaken me for a Student earlier that was sweet , thank you

Abby : your welcome ?

Alexander : I'm Alexander

Mr.Liaon : get out of here your a Junior 

Everyone laughs-

Mr.Liaon : can we get a real sophomore

Zion : hi i'm Zion Smith

Mr.Liaon : are you friends with Miss.Abby here

Zion : yes i am

Mr.Liaon : now as you all know this is the fun school so let's play truth or dare

Henry : oh fuck no

Alexander : Calm down 

Henry : He's gonna make Zion kiss or worse to my girlfriend

Alexander : no he's not calm down

mr.Liaon : Abby pick out of the Truth or the dare bowl

-she picks out of the Truth-

Mr.Liaon : why does it say

Abby : Have i ever had oral sex

Henry : HEY ABBY DON'T ANSWER THAT -he yells-

Abby : yes i have 

Sasha : oh shit she really said the truth

Mr.Liaon:  done to you or you done it to someone

Abby : both

Mr.Liaon : well okay , Zion your next

-he picks out of Dare-

Zion : Make out with the person to the left 

Henry : fucking dammit

Zion : i can't she's dating one of my best friends man

Mr.Liaon : it's a dare Zion you have to do it

Abby : i don't want him to

Some Girl : you have to make out with Zion or you have to make out with Mr.Liaon

Abby : i'm not going to make out with anyone except my own god damn boyfriend

Mr.Liaon : Who is your Boyfriend

Abby : Henry why

Mr.Liaon : how long have you guys been dating ?

Abby : four yeard

Mr.Liaon : wow so when you were in eighth  grade he was in 9th correct

Abby : yes what about it ?

Mr.Liaon : seemed to me in his freshman year he kissed every girl am i wrong Juniors?

All the Juniors & Seniors : no sir

-Henry runs up to the stage-

Henry : Abby that is not true

Abby : it's just another one of your secrets huh

Henry : i'm not hiding anything from you

Abby : yes you are , how your moving , most important how you cheated on me last week

Henry : Abby i never cheated on you

Sasha : yes you did with my older sister

Abby : wow Henry

-Abby runs off-

Henry : Abby wait!

Abby : no talk to me when you wanna tell the truth

Henry : i never cheated on her why would you all say that

Sasha: because you guys don't belong together

-Mr.Liaon Smiles when he sees Alyssa sitting in his office-

Mr.Liaon : how come your in here -he sits in the chair right by her-

Abby: i'm just so humiliated

Mr.Liaon : Abby you do know Henry Never cheated we choose sophomores every year to do this 

Abby : i know i watched last year 

Mr.Liaon : then why are you so humiliated ?

Abby : because i was the one who got called up

Mr.Liaon : well don't worry everyone doesn't give a crap about these things anyway

Abby : can i ask you something

Mr.Liaon : yes 

Abby : is it true you left because one of the students got prganant with you baby

Mr.Liaon : no it's not 

Abby : so you never slept with any Students

Mr.Liaon : Miss.Mckibben i'm just gonna tell you i'm 24 years old and i'm still a virgin

Abby : i don't believe that

Mr.Liaon : you don't have to but it's true

Abby : okay , i guess i better go find Henry 

Mr.Liaon : yes go do that

-they both stand up , as Abby walks by she puts something in his pocket , 

he looks it's a paper with her number on it and also says call me when something goes bad or whatever .-

Abby : Henry!

Henry : Abby i'm sorry , but you have to believe me that isn't true

Abby : Henry i know it's that stupid Sophomore thing that happens every year

Henry : how did you know that

Abby : i watched it happen last year

Henry : oh yea.

-After school-

Henry : you coming ?

Abby : yes i am 

-Henry opens the car door for abby-

Abby : thank you Henry Wood

Henry : your Welcome Miss.Mckibben


Henry : so why did you talk to Mr.Liaon today?

Abby : just getting to know him better 

Henry : Abby he's just our principle not our friend

Abby : i know but he seemed chill

Henry : okay then

Abby : well here is my house

Henry : Yes i know where your house is Abby

Abby : okay well bye -she gives him a peck on the cheek -

Abby's Mom: Hey lil bitch i thought you weren't gonna be home for a little more

Abby: mom you need to go to bed or something because i'm tired of taking care of your drunk ass

Abby's mom : i'm not drunk lil bitch

-someone knocks on their door-

Abby : Yes?

Henry : You forgot your jacket

Abby : thank you

Abby's mom : Lil Bitch come here

Henry : is that your mom ?

Abby : yes but you better go before it gets ugly

Henry : bye i guess..

-later thaat night-

Sasha : Gage you need to go home before they get back

Gage : come on baby just one more round

Sasha : no you have to go home in five minutes

Gage : enough time for me

Sasha : let's just make out how bout that

Gage : okay

-5 minutes later-


Gage : how did you not notice when i was giving you them

Sasha : i fell asleep

Gage : wow

Sasha's parents: WERE HOME!!!

Sasha : Gage leave now -she gets him out through her door in her room-

Gage : see you tomorrow?

Sasha : yes

-Abby's house-

Abby's mom : so i met this guy

Abby : oh really , what's his name

Abby's Mom : Matty Wood 

Abby : wait that's Henry's dad and he's married

Abby's mom : oh no him and her got divorced

Abby : oh my god

-Henry's house-

Henry's dad : hey son 

Henry : not right now dad

-Zion's house-

Zion's brother : get some more food

-Mr,Liaon's house-

Liam's POV

god i don't know if i should call her or not i mean she is a student but damn she makes me feel some typa way like no one else has ever made me feel like this , i'm gonna call her

-Abby's house-

Abby : Hello?

Liam : Abby....


Next chapter is ----Love or die?




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