Marcus thought he had his life completely under control, as well as his dangerous ability to conjure flames from the palms of his hands at will, but he is soon led to believe otherwise after being sent to jail more times than he can even remember himself and the events that are yet to be unfolded.

He dropped out of high school at the age of 18 and has committed countless crimes with no sense of guilt or humanity, as if the more his powers grow the more inhumane he becomes. As his disasters unfold, Marcus soon discovers how truly his world is falling apart and only he can repair the damage which he has caused to the world and the people he never even knew he cared about.


1. Chapter 1

The loud clacking of the guard's boots echoed throughout the cell room, the only trace of sound that emanated from this putrid room. I solemnly sat on my rock hard bed that was supposed to offer me comfort when I slept, but instead brought upon back pain and countless sleepless nights.

The mattress wasn't the only thing keeping me up at night, it was the merely small thoughts that occupied my mind in the dead of night while my fellow prisoners were fast asleep in their own filthy cells and the guards were patrolling the dimly lit halls of the prison I was temporarily trapped in.

So, there I was, sitting on my ridiculous excuse of a bed with my hands contained in a special type of handcuff designed specifically for someone of my condition. They restricted me from using my abilities and reduced my chances of escape, but I had a plan, a plan that I had been putting together in my head since the day I was thrown into this hellhole.

And today was the day that plan was going into action, the day I was finally going to escape and regain my freedom and never come back.

I slowly rose from the mattress, a loud creak emitting from the overused and rusted springs from underneath the cheap raggedy exterior. Taking my time, I approached the door to my cell, my footsteps echoing through the diminutive room until I finally stood before it. A small smirk spread across my face as I lifted my foot into the air and slammed it into the metallic door that stood before me.

As my foot made contact with the thick door, a red coil formed around it and a loud 'boom' rang throughout the whole room. The guards didn't speak, most likely confused as to where the noise had come from and what caused it.

I kicked the door once again, but with more force this time. I successfully formed a dent in the door and the metal slowly melted away, dripping to the floor as it soon formed a small puddle. The guards took notice this time and I could hear them jogging over to the door, inspecting the dent I had just made.

With another powerful kick I finally knocked the door down, sending it flying across the room with blood splattering everywhere as all of the guards were smashed against the wall. I let out a small chuckle as I stepped out of my cell and made my way towards the only exit that was located on the other side of the room. Considering my criminal background and abilities, they had to separate me from the other prisoners and keep me in a nice, big old room all to myself without any respect or communication with the outside world whatsoever.

I approached the exit and knocked it down with one kick since my hands were still sealed in high tech handcuffs that I had no clue how to take off, but I would find a way later.

I silently made my way down the dimly lit halls of the prison until I came to another door that led to yet another hallway, but this one was full of prisoners in their cells on both walls. It only took one step for them to notice my presence and start making smart ass comments as I passed by.

"Hey!" yelled a very thin and frail looking man, but I ignored him as I continued on walking.

"Hey! I'm talking to you, punk!"

At that moment, I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around on my heels to face the brave yet stupid man who called me out. If there was one thing I couldn't tolerate it was name calling of any sort even if it was just calling me a punk, it enraged me beyond control.

My eyes scanned over every man's face until they landed on a man with a very amused expression on his face as we made eye contact. My feet stomped on the ground as I approached the weak looking man and stopped when my face was only centimeters away from the cell bars.

"Say that one more fucking time," I threatened through gritted teeth. If my hands weren't trapped in these handcuffs, I wouldn't hesitate to reach past the bars and strangle this pitiful man.

"What're you gonna do about? You can't do shit to me with those handcuffs on. You're a fucking freak who belongs in the circus!" he spat in my face, causing the prisoners around us to erupt with laughter.

Just as the words left his mouth, something inside of me snapped and in one swift easy movement I slipped my cuffed hands sideways through the bars and swung them over the man's head, pulling his face into the bars as hard as I could. I heard a loud crack from his nose as his face made contact with the bars, blood running down his nostrils.

"If you say something about me one more fucking time I won't hesitate to choke you until you take your last fucking breath. Understand?"

His eyes suddenly grew wide with fear and he struggled to slip out of my grip but I wasn't going to let him get away that easily.

"Get your fucking hands off of me!" he yelled, spitting blood as he spoke.

"Let him go!" a voice came from behind me and soon all of the prisoners joined it, chanting for me to let him go.

The room suddenly went dark and a bright red light flashed on and off, followed by an alarm so loud, I couldn't hear myself think.


"Shit!" I cussed under my breath at the message being played on the shitty speakers. I let go of the man and slipped my cuffed hands back through the bars.

Just as I was about to make a run for the next exit, a pair of arms wrapped themselves around my neck and pulled me against the bars.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" spat the man through gritted teeth, tightening his grip around my neck. The rest of the prisoner's cheered in support for the man who was attempting to choke me.

He wasn't very strong though because I was able to break free from his weak grip and kick him in the groin, earning a loud groan from the man as he fell to the floor.

I quickly gathered myself and sprinted to the exit, knocking the door down in the process. The alarms blared in my ears and the lights continued to flash, making me dizzy and nauseous, but I pressed on, determined to escape this wretched building once and for all.

I bust through every door that was in the way of my escape but came to a stop when I heard the patter of boots running in my direction.


They were coming for me, but I wouldn't let them take me away. To my luck and surprise, there was a random janitor's closet a few feet up ahead and I kicked it open before walking in and kicking closed. I stepped back until my back hit the wall, awaiting the policemen to hopefully pass by without noticing me.

A loud 'bang' erupted through the hall and multiple pairs of boots passed by as if they were a stampede of wild animals. I held my breath until the last pair of boots faintly jogged down the hallway and I could hear the loud 'click' of the door as it closed.

I let out a loud exhale and pushed the door open with my foot, peeking my head out the door to make sure the coast was clear. Once I was sure nobody was coming down the hallway, I stepped out of the janitor's closet and closed it behind me with my foot.

I slowly and stealthily made my way down the hallway and tried turning the knob with my cuffed hands but my attempt failed miserably. I didn't want to attract attention to myself, but I still needed to get out of here.

I decided on kicking it down just like I had done to the others that were in my way of escape. The door led to a large room that resembled a waiting room with a secretary desk against the wall to my right. I was almost out.

With excitement coursing through my body, I made a run for the huge set of double doors that were conveniently unlocked.

My victory was cut short, although, when I had realized the army of policemen surrounding the exit and floating in the air were three helicopters, their noise giving me a headache.

"Fuck!" I cursed under my breath.

How the hell am I going to get out of this one?

"Surrender now and no harm will come to you!" announced someone on a speaker from one of the helicopters. I knew very well that, that was a lie. They intended to hurt me either way. They wanted me dead after all the havoc I've caused.

Regardless, I was frustrated. I was this close to escape and then this shit happens. I wasn't going to allow them to put me away again, to lock me away and let me rot.

No. Not again.

I took one step forward and the whole crowd both cowered in fear and braced themselves.

"We're warning you! Put your hands up!" yelled the same man over the speaker, but I disobeyed his orders.

With rage and frustration burning inside of me, my headache increasing, my body went into a full on liberation beyond my control. Heat and flames radiated off of my body, spreading in every direction like wildfire. Surrounding me were the screams and wails of the dying policemen, helicopters falling from the sky, causing massive explosions to erupt in flames.

I screamed as I uncontrollably obliterated everything within range of my raging body, completely blind to it all. I screamed not because I was in pain or anything of the sort, but of how weak I felt in the moment, being completely helpless with no control of the situation.

My body slowly began to weaken and the flames that emanated from my form were dimming and dying down. I fell to my knees as I regained my vision for a split second, gaining a glimpse of my mass destruction, before my vision failed me once more as my body collapsed on rubble and ash, the remnants of my unbridled rage.



This is just a small preview of what's to come x3 I'm really excited about this story because I started it a long time ago and I'm now editing it and posting it on Wattpad and I hope people like it because it's one of my favorite stories that I've come up with so far and I just have so much planned for it eep ^~^

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