apples of hesparidies


2. We Capture a Flag

I woke to Will shouting “Wake up! The cabin needs to be clean in 15 minutes. We don’t want to wash dishes again, do we?”

I sprang out of bed to see that almost everyone else was already awake. After changing into a clean pair of shorts and a tank top I brushed my hair and pulled it back into a ponytail. Then I organized my clothes in the chest at the foot of the bed. There wasn’t much since I’d thought that it would only be a weekend trip. After that I made my bed and made sure that Lisa hadn’t just shoved everything under her bed. Then I stacked the books I’d brought on top of the chest.

Just then Annabeth came in carrying a clipboard and pencil. “4 out of 5.” She said after inspecting the cabin. When she got down to where my bunk was she said “Finally someone who reads for fun. Are you sure you’re not a daughter of Athena?”

“Um, yeah. I mean being in the Athena cabin would be so cool. Not that I don’t like Apollo.” I amended.

On her way out the door she said “Will, you should really get them some weapons. Feel free to use any of the ones in the shed behind my cabin.”

“Will do.” He replied. “Alana, Lisa, if you want to I’ll go help you find some weapons that you like.”

I glanced at Lisa, then called “Ok, we’ll be right there.”

Lisa and I hurried up to Will and followed him across the way to cabin 10. We walked around to the back of the cabin where there was a storage shed. Will unlocked and opened the door. Inside there were shelves covered in in weapons of all kinds, there were swords, spears, knifes, daggers and bows of all sizes. Then I noticed what looked like a hairpin. When I picked it up I nearly dropped it again in surprise. The second I had touched it the hairpin had grown into a five foot long silver recurve bow.

“Wow, how did you do that?” asked Will, “We’ve been trying to change it into bow form ever since the Huntresses dropped it years ago.”

“I just touched it and it transformed.” I answered.

“Well, hears a quiver of arrows that are the right length for it.” Said Will, handing me a quiver full of silver arrows that matched the bow. “It’s obviously yours now. You might also want to find a weapon for close combat. A bow won’t do you much good at close range.”

I looked for a weapon that felt right in my hand without luck. As I was about to give up I found a celestial bronze knife and matching sword hidden in the back behind some battle axes. The knife was a foot to a foot and a half long, made of celestial bronze, the grip was wrapped in leather and the sheath had a loop to attach it to your belt and places where you could attach straps so you could attach it to your arm. I pulled the knife out of its sheath and turned it over; it felt perfectly balanced in my hand. The sword was similar except it was three to three and a half feet long.

Just then the conch sounded for breakfast time.

Will said, “Bring whatever you’ve found, I’ll have Leo look at them later if there not quite right for you. We don’t want to be late for breakfast.”

We followed Will back to cabin 7 and got in line after everyone else. When we got to the dinning pavilion we sat with the rest of our cabin. Today for breakfast there was pancakes and scrambled eggs. I ate three pancakes and a serving of eggs, which I had with orange juice.

“Here’s the activities schedule for the Apollo cabin. This will be your schedule for the week, unless you show exceptional abilities for something, then you’ll have one on one time will that teacher.” Will said, handing me and Lisa each a piece of paper. “As you see from the schedule, it is now time for ancient Greek.”

We headed out of the dinning pavilion following the rest of our cabin towards one of the Greek buildings I had seen yesterday. When we got to the building I saw that Chiron was going to be teaching this class. I was amazed when I could actually understand some of the words.

After ancient Greek we had something even worse, wood chopping or trail maintenance, for 70 minutes. We split up into 4 groups of 4 of 5 campers each and headed off to clear trails and chop wood. My group was assigned the trail along Zaphynos Creek. We headed into the woods, clearing the path of rocks, sticks and pine cones. I was assigned to cut the brush that grew too close to the trail. I was just about to cut an extra-large branch hanging over the trail a head height when suddenly a girl appeared in front of me.

“Don’t you dare cut that branch young lady, or I’ll…” She threatened.

“What the-” I said before I could catch myself, “Who are you.”

“I'm a dryad of course. How could you dare to try and cut my tree? Didn’t they tell you to ask us to move our branches before resorting to cutting them?”

“Um, no, they didn’t mention that there were dryads.”

“Well then, I can’t blame you entirely for it. It’s at least partially the fault of the counselors, although when you live at a camp for demi-gods you should expect things like us.”

“Um, well, it’s only my second day here, what do you expect?”

“No excuses, you tried to cut off on of my branch.”

“Okay, well then, will you please move your branch out of the trail?

* * *

“So, who’s the hottie?” I asked Lisa, letting my gaze travel up his well-muscled body.

“Oh, this is Alex, he’s in the Athena cabin.” She said.

“Hi Alex, I’m Alana, as I’m sure Lisa was about to say.” I shot a murderess glare at her because she had forgotten to introduce me.

“I already knew that, almost everyone’s talking about the ho-” He cut off, turning bright red

“About what you were saying before, everyone’s talking about the...what?” I ask even though I'm pretty sure I know what he was going to say.

He turns even redder before muttering, “Everyone’s talking about the hot new girl,” under his breath.

“I wonder which of us he’s talking about.”

“Well, obviously it’s me,” I say, just to get on her nerves. “I mean, he did say it after saying he already knew who I was.”

“No, I’m definitely the prettiest of us.” Lisa retorted.

“That most certainly is not true.”

As we were arguing Alex started to look more and more uncomfortable. I could have sworn he was getting redder by the second, but I wasn’t sure if that was possible.

“Aw, look at Alex, he’s so cute when he’s embarrassed. Which of us do you think is hotter?”

“Um,” he stuttered. “Y-you are.”

“Aw, come on. We’re identical twins. We’re exactly the same,” Lisa complained.

“Yeah, but in that tank Alana looks a lot better,” he said, gaining some more confidence, even though he was turning an even darker shade of red.

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