I Fell In Love With A Band Member Of 5SOS

scarlett Louise Tomlinson is just a normal girl except her brother is Louis Tomlinson from the band one direction. Ella is a professional break dancer but she also loves doing freestyle dance when she is alone, one day Ella was at a dance studio in one of the rooms she was just minding her own business dancing around the studio room. When she heard the door open, she jumped from the suddened noise when she turned around she saw one of her brothers bands friend calum from 5sos was standing in the doorway.

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2. The day little Ella comes home

'1 week later'

Johannah's POV

I'm in the car with Ella after I had got her from the airport after someone come on the plane with her over to Britain because she is only 5 years old.

While were in the car on the way home from the airport, I was just thinking what were my other kids going to say. I had just remembered I had forgot to ring Scarlett a week ago damn it, ill just have to ring her on the way home.

I pressed the siri button on my stereo in my car an said 'Ring Scarlett' and it started to ring her. It took about 5 rings before she answered her phone.

"Hello?" she answered. "Hey honey it's mum." I told her "Oh hey mum what you need."

"I'm just calling because I'm sorry that I had forgot to call you last week, it must've slipped my mind." I told her with a apology voice.

"Hey mum that's alright I didn't remember either if that's any help." she said with a chuckle at the end of her sentence.

"Anyway sweetheart I only just wanted to ring to let you know that I am coming up tomorrow so that you and Louis can meet your new little sister Ella." I told her.

"Omg yes that's awesome I cant wait to meet her." my eldest daughter whisper yelling.

I chuckled at her excitement and just smiled over the phone. " Honey look, I got to go now, so I will see you tomorrow okay."  I told her while I was at the red lights.

"Alright mum I'll see you soon then, bye." she said and then hanged up the phone.

'1 Hour Later'

I turned around the corner of their and pulled into Louis's driveway , I parked the car and got out. I went to the back seat to get Ella out of her car seat. After we got out of the car I walked up to the front door with Ella on my hip and knocked on the door, then waited for Louis or Scarlett to answer the door.

after I had knocked on the door, I turned my back towards the door to face my car then pressed the lock button on my keys to make sure I had locked it. When my back was facing the door, I heard it start to twist and open.

So as soon as I heard it open I turned around and saw my son Louis standing at the doorway with a very big smile on his face.

"Mum you're here" he said happily and gave me a side hug but carefully because I still had little Ella in my arms still.

"Hey Lou, I missed you so much as well and Ella couldn't wait to meet her older brother and sister." I told him while I hugged him back.

"I missed you too mum me and Scarlett couldn't wait to see an meet little Ella either, but mainly Scarlett  because you know her she has always wanted a little baby sister." he replied with a chuckle.

"Aha yes I do, she always has talked about wanting a little sister." I said to him laughing along with him.

"Come in, come in sorry I forgot to invite you in, sit down on the couch with Ella." he told me while moving out of the way to let me in and shut the front door behind me.

"Thanks Lou." I said using his nickname Scarlett  gave him when he was younger and it kind of just stuck with him while he was growing up.

"would you and El like anything to drink?" Louis asked me while we sat down on the couch.

"Just water and an apple for Ella thanks Louis.: I told him while I sat her down the couch with my phone for her to play with, so she wasn't bored.

'5 minutes later'

as I was sitting on the couch as I heard someone coming down the stairs, I turned around to see who it was and saw that it was my daughter Scarlett on her phone just standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey Louis who was at the door before?" she called out to him still looking at her phone in her hands.

"Look into the lounge Scarlett then you will know who it was at the door." he told her, that's when she had turned her head and saw me sitting on the couch, her eyes went wide with happiness and excitement.

"MUM you're here Omg I have missed you so much Omg." she said and tackled me into a big hug.

"Hey honey yes I'm here." I told her while laughing at how excited she is to see me and at her out burst.

"Hey mum did you bring Ella with you?" she asked me while looking around trying to find Ella.

"Yes sweetheart I did, she's in the kitchen with Louis" I  had told her.

"Oh yeah okay then, um hey mum while them to are in the kitchen doing whatever that is it they are doing in there. Can we talk about Louis's birthday that is coming up tomorrow, I mean he's turning 21" Scarlett had asked me while taking  a seat next to me on the couch.

" Yes well that's a good idea to talk about cause it is tomorrow, um what were you are thinking of doing for his birthday honey." I asked her while taking a sip of my water that is on the coffee table.

"Well I was thinking that we could throw him a surprise birthday party at the function centre that we have down the street. I already have a list of who said that their coming and I also have 5sos and the rest band mates  are coming to so is that okay and a good plan or?" she asked me with worry in her voice and eyes.

"Yes sweetheart that is alright and I am sure that he is gonna love it, that time is the reservation at for the function?" I told her and asked her at the same time so I know what time it is at so I have enough time so that I could get Louis's birthday present ready.

she lets out a short relief sigh, " Okay that's good then and I made the reservations for at 6.00pm tomorrow night." she had said, "And I just wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not but I'm glad that it is." she added.

"Yes it is, he is going to love it darling I'm sure of it." I reassured her while leaning down to grab the bottle of water and taking a drink of it. " Is everything set up for the surprise party tomorrow night at the function centre?" I added.

"Yes It is I had made sure that I had everything done and ready for tomorrow night and it only took me 2 days to get it sorted and ready then 5 days to get everything booked and get everything that we needed so yeah it is all done and dusted." she assured me while getting up from the couch and walking into the kitchen going straight for the fridge to get a bottle of water out.

"Would you like anything to eat mum?" she asked me while looking in the fridge.

"What do you have in there?" I asked her.

"Um we have salad, pizza, lasagne and my home made pasta salad?" she replied to me while turning to look at me then turned her back to the fridge again.

"Just a bit of salad and pasta salad please sweetheart." I asked her while taking a seat at the kitchen bench.

"Yeah sure you can mum.' she said while getting them out of the fridge and started putting them in 2 bowls after she finished that she passed me the bowls with another fresh glass of water.

"Thanks sweetheart." I told her while I started to eat.

'1 Hour Later'

"Alright I have to get going now because your other 4 sisters still have to meet Ella yet." I told her while I started to pick up the bowls to wash them but an arm stopped me from getting up to put them in the sink.

I then followed the arm that had stopped me to find that it was Scarlett's arm that was stopping me from putting the bowls in the sink.

"Don't worry about that mum I have got that covered, just worry about getting Ella home to meet the girls alright." she told me while she had her hands on my shoulders and leading me to the back door were Louis and Ella were.

"Alright thanks honey." I said to her again.

"Let's go find Louis and Ella." she replied while opening the back door for me to go out first.

As soon as we got out the back door  we saw Louis giving little Ella a piggyback ride around the backyard.

"Ella come on time to go home now you have to meet your other big sisters come on now." I called out to her.

"Coming mummy." little Ella yelled back out to me while hopping off Louis's back and running to where we were.

"Alright we'll see you's tomorrow some time." I told her while picking Ella up and started making our way to the front door.

"Yeah alright that's fine mum we will see you tomorrow." Louis said while resting his arm around Scarlett's shoulder.

As we were standing out the front I put Ella in her car seat and went up back to Louis and Scarlett to give them a big hug then said goodbye, got in the car and waved I then drove off.













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