I Fell In Love With A Band Member Of 5SOS

scarlett Louise Tomlinson is just a normal girl except her brother is Louis Tomlinson from the band one direction. Ella is a professional break dancer but she also loves doing freestyle dance when she is alone, one day Ella was at a dance studio in one of the rooms she was just minding her own business dancing around the studio room. When she heard the door open, she jumped from the suddened noise when she turned around she saw one of her brothers bands friend calum from 5sos was standing in the doorway.

if you want to find out more about the story you have to read to find out more.


1. Surprise Baby

Scarlett's POV

I was dancing around in my room to a song from 5sos when Luke knocked on my door then walked into my room with a smile and says that my brother (Louis) wanted to talk to me.

I walked downstairs into the kitchen and saw my brother Louis sitting at the table with the rest of the boys. He saw me at the end of the staircase, he waved me over to where they are.

"Hey sis i just wanted to tell you that mum has adopted a little 5 year old girl named Ella and that mum said that she would call you in the morning as well." Louis said to me. I got up and squealed while hugging him.

"That's so amazing Louis, I'm going to be a big sister, oh I've always wanted to have a little sister. What does mum want to call me for?" I said/asked him while I let him go and sat back down.   

"I don't know she wouldn't tell me" He said while shrugging his shoulders at me. "Well okay I guess I'll just wait and see then" I said getting up and walking over to the lounge and turned on the TV.

"Yeah well me and the lads have to go to rehearsals, so we shouldn't be that long maybe about 2 hours max that okay Scar?" he asked me while standing at the front door. "Yeah Louis that's alright I'll be fine, I might invite my friend Athena, if that's okay?" I asked him and getting up to say goodbye to the lads and him.

"Yeah that is okay Scar" he said and then him and the boys hugged my goodbye so I hugged them back. I walked back to the lounge and sat on the couch watching movies on Netflix I grabbed my phone from out of my back pocket of my jeans, I unlocked it and went to contacts and began searching for Athena's number. After I found it I began writing a text message saying 'Hey Athena it's Scar, I was wondering if you would like to hang today?.' and then I put my phone back down on the couch.

About 5 minutes later I had received a message back from Athena saying 'Hey Scar yeah that would be a great, did you want to hang at yours or?' so I texted back ' Yeah that would be cool see you in like 10-20 minutes yeah?' I sent that and waited continuing to watch TV.

I received a another text back saying 'Yep alright see you then.' After that I got up and went upstairs to get dressed into some skinny jeans with a superman jumper and black an white converse then put my hair up into a ponytail and went back downstairs to get food and drinks ready for when Athena comes.

'Knock, Knock, Knock'

I walked over to the front door and opened it and saw my only best friend Athena standing in front of me. This is the first time I have seen her since 4 months ago, when I went on tour with one direction and 5sos.

"Athena Omg I have missed you so much Omg." I screamed while tackling her to the ground in the doorway. "Haha I've missed you too, how have you've been?" she asked me. Omg her accent is still so strong and she has only been her for 4 months and I just lover her accent its so fluent and so strong. let me tell you the story of how we met.


'One day when one direction and 5sos were on tour an I had came with them to Germany for 5 concerts that they are doing over there. I was at a Starbucks café that they had there I walked in and I ordered a caramel Frappuccino then sat down to wait for my order. While I was waiting, I was looking around until I heard someone's name be called out I couldn't hear it properly, I then looked over at the counter and saw a girl that looked maybe around 18-19 with brightish dark red hair walking up for her order.

She then walked back to her table which is right in front of mine, I looked closer at her face she had 2 lip piercings one on each side of her bottom lip and 2 eyebrow piercings on her right eyebrow. She was really pretty I could only just see her eyes and make out a colour which was either a bright blue or an emerald green. I wonder where she's from here, Britain like us or Australia like the boys from 5sos. But that's only the first time i saw her though but definitely not the last time, when i was still looking at her I only had just heard my order and name be called out so I got up and went to the counter for my drink, but not before i slowly looked back at the girl to see her looking at me with a small smile.

'2 days later'

Me and the 2 bands were going to rehearsals and when we were there I asked the boys if would like anything from Starbucks, Luke, Calum and Louis wanted a coffee each and Niall being Niall he wanted food from Nandos, so I made him come with me before they had to start rehearsals.

When we came back I handed the boys their coffees after that I went to go to the toilet as i was walking towards the toilets I thought I saw red hair, so I went back to check it out an when I looked around the corner I saw the girl again talking and laughing with the assistant at the front desk.

'1 day after rehearsals'

I decided that I would go on a tour around the streets and towns of Germany when i was walking along a street that I couldn't really say or pronounce, I had accidently knocked into someone knocking them down to the ground.

"Omg I am so so sorry I didn't see you there again I am so sorry." I kept on apologizing to the person that I had bumped into but I could see their face because they had a really big black hooded jumper on with their hood over their head.

"No that's quite alright I should be the one that is sorry I was looking at the ground and I had my hood on my head so I couldn't see prop-" She started saying but I cut her off because I couldn't really understand or even hear the words properly because of her accent.

"Hey nah that's okay but I cant quite understand or hear what your saying properly because of your accent" I asked/said to her.

"Sorry I'm not really that good at English." She said shyly and slowly so that I could understand her. When she started to take her hoodie off of her head, she then looked up at me and when I saw her face I remembered that I had seen her before.

"That's alright. Hey what's your name by any chance?" I asked her because I was curious about what her name was.

"No that's okay no problem at all and my name is Athena. Athena Artemis Pearce." she said, when she said Pearce I remembered that I had heard that last name before.

"That's a really nice name. Did your mum have a thing with Greek goddess names or Greek names in general?" I said. "Yeah um I guess she did" she chuckled while saying that, her laugh made me chuckle as well.

"Um you said that your last name is Pearce right?" I asked her walking and talking at the same time. "Yeah. Why?" she said a bit worried and I think I know why sort of, I just have to find out if my conclusion is right first.

"Um I was wondering if the twins from Justice Crew were your brothers?" as soon as I had said that I saw her tan face pale a bit.

"Yeah....They are um their actually my older brothers by a year. Why do want to know and I don't even know your name so I don't even know why I'm telling you this. For all I know is that you could just be using me to get to my brothers." she had burst out but she does have a point she doesn't even know who I am or what my name is.

"I know and I'm sorry for that. My name is Scarlett Louise Tomlinson, my brother is Louis Tomlinson an he is in a band called One Direction and they are touring here in Germany with their friends that are also in a band named 5 seconds of summer." I replied nice and slow so that she could take it all in slowly.

I looked back at her and saw that she had colour back in her face, she blinked a few times while staring into the distance taking in all the stuff that I had just said.

"So their here in my home country touring for how many months?" she asked and I looked at her weirdly because I couldn't make out her accent before but now that she had said that I know now she is German now.

"Uh huh that's right Athena and my brother and that are gonna be here for about 4 months." I said to her while facing her.

"Would you like to come and meet my brother an both his band mates and 5sos?" I asked her kind of hoping that she would say yes because I am really looking towards being her friend in the near future.

"Yeah um sure I guess that would be cool, hopefully we can become friends in the future" she replied while shrugging her shoulders.

"Okay cool thanks and I would love to be friends with you as well." I said smiling brightly.'


And that's how we become best friends now and even now, Athena still has her accent strong and thick.

'2 hours later'

Okay I better be going now Scar, I have to go to rehearsals for my new album that's coming out." She said while getting up and going to the door. "Yeah that's alright and I hope your album goes well." I said in reply while I hugged her goodbye.

She walked down the driveway to her black and electric blue stripe going down the middle of the car. When she got to her car 2 more other cars had pulled up into the driveway behind my car and next to Athena's, when they got out I realised that it is my brother and the gang.

"Oh hey Louis, boys." Athena called out as they walked up over to her. "Hey Ath, how's it going?" Louis asked while giving her a hug. "Its going great thanks for asking anyway I have to go and start recording for my album that's coming out in another month." she said.

"That's awesome Thena, is this your first album?" Louis asked her leaning against her car with her. "Yeah it is thanks for asking well I have to get going its sucks that you just got here as I am leaving but I don't want to be late otherwise my manager will kill me." she replied opening her car door getting into the drivers side and shutting the door an opening the window.

"Yeah alright then maybe hopefully next time you come over we will be here too." he asked "Hopefully you and the boys will." she said while waving me and the boys goodbye an started to back slowly down the driveway, when Luke yelled out something stopping her for a few minutes.

"Bye Athena" Luke yelled out and waved at her. "Cya Luke hopefully I'll see you and the boys next time I come over and your with Louis and that." she yelled back then waved and drove to the studio.

I can tell that from they way he looks at her that he has a small crush on her and no one else see's that except me not even Athena knows or see's that.


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