Special Side Of Me

15 year old Stephanie Carter eavesdrop to her parents conversation and discovers that she isn't normal. Later on her parents reveal the truth. Now she has to find out what she is and join the magical world.

©2015 katkittyh02
All Rights Reserved


1. Chapter 1

Stephanie's POV

I stomped out of school. UGHHH! Why does everyone have to pick on ME, out of everyone ME! I reached my car sat in it and started to drive home. I am going to have a lot of explaining to do... I'm so going to be grounded. I sighed. After a few minutes I heard my parents shouting at each other... oh boy I'm going to get a worse punishment. I walked quietly up to my house trying not to be heard. Pushing the door open slowly but it creaked loudly. DAMMIT! The voices in the kitchen went away. Soon I heard my dad say "Did you hear that?" My mum replied "No. What are you talking about?" "The door I heard it open... I'm sure of it" My dad answered back. "I'm pretty sure it was just your imagination" My mum replied back. There was a huge pause then I heard whispering between them.

I tiptoed up the stairs and into my room. It was silent but after awhile I heard more shouting. I tiptoed down the stairs to listen to what they were talking about and why it was such a big thing. I have never heard them have an argument like this before. 

"WE HAVE TO TELL HER WHAT SHE IS!" My mum yelled to my dad.
"Quiet down the neighbours might hear you! No. She must not know until she is old enough." My dad replied back.
"And when will that be?" She questioned.
"I don't know?? When she's 16?"
My mum let out a groan while my dad sighed.
"We have to tell her. We have to tell Steph." My mum spoke softly.
'So this is about me' I thought to myself.

"No and that is it we can't just casually walk up to her and say 'Hey Stephanie! How was school? Anyways we have kept a secret from you. Your not normal your magical you have many abilities and all those fantasy characters and stories are true but we don't know what your abilities are! You have been living your life as a big lie' We can't say that! Now can we?" My dad said.
"Well..." My mum trailed off.
"Forget it." My dad didn't wait until she finished he walked off leaving her standing there.

'I'm magical? I have abilities? I'm not normal? My life has been a huge lie?...' Questions shot in and out of my head one after the other. I tried to creep back upstairs to my room but I couldn't my head was spinning and I stumbled onto all fours on the stairs making a huge sound that echoed through the house. I heard footsteps approaching me.

"Stephanie??" My mum questioned "What are you doing here?" She asked again. "I came home from school early" I tried to reply as normally as I could. "Other than that I'm fine. I just need to think about something."
"Ok" My mum replied. I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom closing and locking the door behind me.

I fell onto my bed and closed my eyes. Everything went black.


I woke up. My head stopped spinning but I still remembered the conversation. What did they mean. I went into my bathroom to freshen up. I took a quick shower, got dressed into my sleeping clothes, combed my hair and brushed my teeth. I opened the door and walked downstairs to the dining room where dinner was already set. I sat down at my usual spot and started to eat knowing that my older sister doesn't come back until later and that my parents are in their room working.

I thought about what they meant while eating. When I was finished I washed the plates and dried them off putting them in their original places in the cupboard. I walked back up to my room and after a few hours the door opened and I could tell that it was my sister. I rushed down the stairs and went to meet her but when she saw me her eyes widened. I stood there confused.

"Uhhhh... Steph?" My sister asked breaking the silence.
"Yeah?" I answered.
"What happened to you? I'm gonna call mum and dad over." With that she rushed into their room. They came out later and my parents gasped. I looked at them confused.
"WHAT???" I asked them "What's wrong??"
My mum whispered something to my dad and ran into the room only to come out with a mirror.

I took it from her hand and looked at my reflection. My once brown hair has now turned into a silver looking colour, my blue eyes have turned into a red colour, my lips were now full and a bright red colour and my skin was now a pale colour. I stared at myself in shock. I didn't notice what was happening until I heard my family gasp. I looked around to see everything around me floating. I put my hand with the mirror in it down and everything went back into it's original position. I stared at my mum and dad who were having a conversation between themselves now.

I'm a hundred percent sure that it's about me. I walked to them and asked "What just happened?" They gestured me to sit down on the couch and I did. They spoke to me and I soon found out that I wasn't normal. Everything about fantasy creatures and stories are real. I had abilities that no one else had because I was an entirely new species. My actual parents aren't them, they were someone else. When they finished I took a deep breath and walked to my room. Trying to process what just happened I decided to try and make things levitate again. I focused on the pencil on my table. It went up by a centimetre but dropped as someone knocked on the door.

My 'so called' parents came in. Telling me that they knew it was a lot of information to take in. They left, leaving me to think about it. My life was going to change forever and I knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

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