Break The Rules

Windsley lives with her mom and dad in New York, Pennsylvania street. Life isn't easy for her, with her dad coming home drunk sometimes, her mom constantly away working, and her two brothers, Luke and Harry, away with their singing careers and friends. One day, she meet a teenage gang, and for her, things are gonna change forever. She's gonna Break The Rules.


2. 2.

My dad picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, walking out of my room and stomping downstairs. " Let me go!" I yell, putting my hands on his back and trying to get him to let go. " When I say I don't want to come downstairs, that means I don't want to come downstairs! Not that I want you to practically drag me and carry me down!" My foot make contact with his chest and he grunts. " They are your brothers and you will respect them, even if that mean just coming downstairs and greeting them at the door." He says, and shifts me on his shoulder. " I couldn't care less who they where! If they died, I would even visit their funeral!" I say, then I wince. Okay, maybe that one was a bit rough. Then again, maybe not.


He sets me, wait, let me correct that, practically throws me onto the ground and gives my back a shove. The second they see my face, meaning Harry, Onedirection, and Luke, their eye's widen. I cross my arms and raise and eyebrow at them. " Hi, I don't care about you, I don't want to get to know any of you, and the door is over their in case you forget, so goodbye." I can't miss the look of hurt on all their faces, especially Luke and Harry's. Whatever. I turned around to leave and go back up stairs but my dad catches my upper arm and spins me around, growling a warning in my ear. Harry clears his throat. " Windsley, you look. . . different." He says, his voice trailing a little at the end, caught in the wind drafting through the open window.


It's true. I'm a lot different than last time they saw me. My super short brown hair had changed to shoulder length blackish blue, and I definitely look a lot older. And I know it's crazy, but my eyes actually changed color! We tried several doctors, but none of them could figure it out out. Not to mention the fact that I'm now an emo kid, and I'm covered in scars from all the times my dad came home drunk.. " Yeah. I guess people change a lot in, I don't know, three years." I say, causing them to wince. They stare at me a while longer until it gets annoying. " Take a picture, why don't ya?" I say sarcastically, tilting my head to the side. Louis steps forward, causing me to step back. " Are those. . . contact lenses?" He asks.


I shake my head. "No. My eye's changed color." I say, but in a serious way so they know I'm serious. Then my step mom, Sarah, comes out of the kitchen, wearing a too short skirt, a top with only one strap, and sandals. The boy's eyes widen when they see her. She walks over to my dad and wraps her arm around his shoulders, giggling slightly like the slut she is. He pushes her long blonde hair out of her face and kisses her on the nose. I mentally barf. " Oh my god! I can't believe I finally get to meet you! Now, witch one of you are Harry and Luke?" she asks in a high pitched voice, her big blue eye's shining.  Oh, wow. That's sad. She doesn't even know what her own step sons look like." Their two different people." I mumble under my breath. She ignores me, like always, and walks over to Luke and Harry, who had raised their hands at the question.


She hugs them both, ignoring the uncomfortable silence, then pulls away. Then she looks at her phone and gasps. " I'm going to be late for the plane! I'll get to know you two later." She says, walking over to my dad. " See you later, sweetheart." She says, giving a kiss on the lips, then she's out the door. Luke has a hurt look on his face, and Harry just looks confused. " Dad, who is that?" He asks. My dad puffs out his chest, a prideful look on his face that he always gets while thinking about Sarah. " That's your new step mom. Get used to it." I tell him, venom in my voice. He winces, opening and closing his mouth. No sound comes out. My dad gives me a confused look. " You don't like her?" He ask's. I scoff. " Of course I don't. She's a slut." I say, finishing the word just before theirs a stinging blow across my face.


I don't react. " Don't you dare say things like that about her!" My dad yells. I just gaze at him calmly. He stomps out the door, slamming it while yelling, " I'll be back later tonight!" Then I'm left alone with my brothers and their friends. They slowly turn their heads toward me in disbelief.


Great. Now's the time to get them caught up on life.








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