The only reason

He broke me

He left me

He used me

And now i'm nothing but a memory to him

An old, rusty memory

I used to be happy, like most kids. I had friends, good grades at school and a functioning family.

I met my best friend, Luke, when we were about seven or eight. We hung out, played outside and basically did everything together. Everything

We were living the dream... Like a fairytale

And like every fairytale, there was an end. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't a good one.


7. 6


As i sat on my roof at midnight, i watched the stars and i couldn't help but think.

Why did i let Luke in so fast? He doesn't deserve it, nor does he deserve me.

How can i trust him if i know he'll go back on tour one day and possibly ignore me again?

Does he even really care about me?


"Hey Calum" i slightly smiled as my best friend struggled to jump on the roof.

A giggle escaped my lips as he fell, face first, on the edge of the roof.

"What are you doing up here?" He asked as he sat beside me, his legs to his chest, just like me


"About Luke?"

"About Luke."

"But why? I thought you guys were cool, no?"

"We were... But then i think about how horrible he made me feel about myself."

"He was miserable without you, love"

"I know he was, but he put that on himself. He could've just answered me and we would've been okay, you know?"

"I do, Amber. But you have to understand that leaving you was probably the hardest decision to make, for all of us" Calum sighed and i glanced at him

"And i understand that, the only thing i don't understand is how i let Luke in so fast. Why did i do that? Now he's going to think we're okay when in fact, i'm still so mad at him"

"Why don't you talk to him about it?"

"And make him sad? No way i'm doing that"

"Well you have to do something about it"

"I know"

"Now, let's go downstairs" he got up and extended his hand. I sighed and put my hand in his allowing him to pull me up

"And might i add, puberty did you good" he chuckled as he looked me up and down. I blushed and playfully punched his arm, earning a laugh from the brown haired boy.

We walked to the small opening on the roof and i sat down on the edge before resting my feet on the small stairs. I walked down the couple of stairs before opening a door and arriving in my hall. Calum followed after me and closed the door before we both bolted down the stairs and into my living room.

Voices filled the air as we got closer to the kitchen.

The boys were eating MY leftover pizza while laughing at something

"Guess who i found on the roof" Calum laughed as he pushed me in the kitchen. I shyly waved at the boys and they chuckled

"You look awful" Michael pointed

"Gee thanks, i'm feeling the love" i rolled my eyes and he chuckled

"You know i didn't mean that" he pouted

"I know, now, Why the hell are you eating my pizza?" I questioned and Ashton and Luke pointed to Michael

"What did i do?!" He whined and i laughed

"It's fine, just save a piece for me" i sighed


"Coolios?" Calum asked and Luke shrugged

"Yep. Coolios" I nodded and took a seat next to Ashton

"there's a seat right here you know" Luke pated the stool beside him and i shrugged before looking back down at the table

"I'm fine, thanks" I mumbled

"Are you okay?" He asked

"I'm fine"

"are you sure? You look-"

"I said i was fine god damn it!" I exclaimed before getting up and running to my room.

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