The only reason

He broke me

He left me

He used me

And now i'm nothing but a memory to him

An old, rusty memory

I used to be happy, like most kids. I had friends, good grades at school and a functioning family.

I met my best friend, Luke, when we were about seven or eight. We hung out, played outside and basically did everything together. Everything

We were living the dream... Like a fairytale

And like every fairytale, there was an end. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't a good one.


4. 3


"You haven't changed one bit Mikey" i giggled as i played with Michael's hair.

He lifted his head from my lap and pouted

"I so did! I have snakebites, a piercing and red hair"

"What piercing?"

He turned his head to the side to reveal his earring

"That's an earring" i laughed and he chuckled


"Yes, when did you have it done?"

"This Morning actually. And i still have the receipt and it says piercing" i crossed my arms and arched a brow as he took out the receipt from his back pocket.

He gave it to me and i laughed


"Uhm... Mikey?"


"You had your ears pierced at Claire's?!That's a little girl's shop!" I laughed and he nervously rubbed his neck

"Oh... Yea."

"Oh my god Mikey you'll never be punk!"

"Shut up. Now, let's talk for real. The boys are downstairs, eating diner while your stubborn ass is up here."


"Come on. we all missed you, Amber. Come downstairs."

"You know what?"


"I'm coming. But if it's weird or awkward, i'm coming back here" i said

"Yes! Okay let's go" michael pulled me up and basically dragged me out of my room

"Slow down" i giggled as he stumbled down the stairs


"Ready" we walked into the kitchen and all eyes turned to us

"Uhm... Hi"

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