The only reason

He broke me

He left me

He used me

And now i'm nothing but a memory to him

An old, rusty memory

I used to be happy, like most kids. I had friends, good grades at school and a functioning family.

I met my best friend, Luke, when we were about seven or eight. We hung out, played outside and basically did everything together. Everything

We were living the dream... Like a fairytale

And like every fairytale, there was an end. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't a good one.


3. 2



"Now is not the time mum" i groaned

"Come on, they're back. You should at least say hi" mum sighed through my door

"How about no? They ruined my life mum! And how could you not tell me they were coming back?!"

"They did not, and i didn't because it was a surprise.Honey, please come downstairs"

"No thanks. They ruined me and i don't want anything to do with them, especially the blonde jerk" i spat.

I heard mum sigh before her foot steps walked away

I exhaled and got up from the floor before plopping on my desk chair

I plugged my headphones into my computer and watched vines on youtube



"Mum go away i told you earlier" i sighed as i took one of my earbuds out of my ear

"It's Mikey"

I froze.

Mike was my best friend, along with Ashton and Calum

They called and texted me often while on tour, but stopped as i didn't answer any of them. I felt bad but at the same time, it felt good to not have them talking about how much fun they were having

"Oh yea sure you can come in" i sarcastically spat and he groaned

"Just let me in" my door knob turned slightly but stopped

It's locked Mikey

Remind me to thank god for that later


"Go away!"

"Please, sweets" my heart melted at that nickname and i cracked a slight smile. I stayed put for a couple of minutes before I silently got up from my chair and unlocked my door.

"You remember, aye?" He asked as he looked up at me. He was sitting on the ground, his back to the wall and facing my door

I nodded and looked down before lightly laughing, remembering how he got that nickname for me.

"I do, yeah" he smiled and got up before engulfing me in a hug

"I missed you"

"I missed you too, sweets" i smiled and rested my head on his chest, feeling the warmth of his body on my face

"Are you okay?"

"I am"

"But are you, really"

"I'm not."

He squeezed my waist tighter and rested his chin on my head

"I'm sorry, Amber"

"It's okay Mike. You're okay"

"But Luke isn't" i shook my head and he sighed again, giving my body one last squeeze before we pulled away.

I missed having someone to hug.

I haven't given a hug in years, literally, two years.

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