The only reason

He broke me

He left me

He used me

And now i'm nothing but a memory to him

An old, rusty memory

I used to be happy, like most kids. I had friends, good grades at school and a functioning family.

I met my best friend, Luke, when we were about seven or eight. We hung out, played outside and basically did everything together. Everything

We were living the dream... Like a fairytale

And like every fairytale, there was an end. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't a good one.


2. 1


I stood in the middle of his room and sighed. It's so empty without his joyful laugh.

He's been away for two years exactly today. Two years without any sign of him.

Last time i talked to him was when we expressed our love for each other at the airport.

Now, i feel like a fool, like i was used. I told him i loved him and he ignored me for two damn years after he also said he loved me.

"Amber?" I turned around and was faced by Liz, Luke's mother.


"Honey...I don't think you being here is a good idea" she said, her mouth in a slight smile

"I know... I just miss him" i sighed

"I know Amber, and i honestly don't know what happened in his head."

"It's okay Liz. It's not your place to try and understand your son" i slightly smiled and walked past her and into the hall. I walked to the door and opened it.

"Goodbye, Amber"

"Bye, Liz"


I walked into school with my head down.

Isn't it so awful that i have to hide?

It is, but if i want to survive, i have to do it.

Books knocked onto the ground, fights, vile names and death threats have been a part of my life for two years now. Kind of like a routine.

Since Luke left, people started bullying me.

I didn't mind it at first, thinking i'd be able to be alone and in peace, but then it got worst. People showed up at my own house to beat me up. People i don't even know.

It's hard, i admit.

But it's harder without Luke here.

"Amber! Is that you? Or is it a slut?" One guy from a gang asked

"BOTH!" Another one yelled and they all laughed.

I rolled my eyes and scurried to my locker, where names were spray painted in black. I looked at it for a good minute until someone called me

"AMBER JAMES! My office now!" I cursed under my breath and quickly followed the dean into his office.

"Amber, school's material violation is against the rules. Which is why i'm giving you a week of after school detention. Now shoo." I nodded and got up, already too tired to stand up from myself

I slightly stretched my legs cause i was at least thirty minutes sat on that chair, listening to my Dean's lecture about god knows what

Now i'll have to go in late... Which means every single pair of hungry eyes will pointing towards me.

As I expected, when i stepped into Calculus, everyone was looking at me.

Let the day begin.


As the final bell rung, i got up from my seat, only to be pushed back down

"Watch it, bitch"

I sighed and collected my scattered sheets off the ground before walking out of the class and jogging to detention

"You know the rules, Amber. No talking, eating, drinking or getting up for an hour" m. Dexter sighed as he rubbed his face.

It's not the first time i'm in here, and it probably won't be the last time either.

"I know" he nodded and got out of the room before locking the door as i listened to music.

Bring me to Horizon 'Drown' came on and i smiled

Who will make me fight

Drag me out alive

Save me from myself

Not Luke, that's for sure


"Amber! Diner's ready!" Mum screamed from downstairs and i groaned

"I'm not hungry!" I yelled back

"Yes you are! Now come on your father and I have a surprise for you!" She screamed again and i rolled my eyes before getting up from my very much comfortable king sized bed and going out of my room.

I'm not in the mood for this shit.

Actually i never am, but whatever.

As i approached the end of the stairs, i let out a muffled squeak and immediately ran back into my bedroom. I slammed my door shut and leaned against it.

He's back.

They're back

Luke and his band

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