Total Drama: Mystery

Everything is going great at the Total Drama reunion. Until, somebody died… Mike is immediately on the case, but when he finds out who the villain really is… Things take a turn for the worst…

What? Everyone seems to be writing a MikeFic, thought I'd put my own take on it


9. 9

"Mike?" Mike woke up to see that Zoey was looking over him. "Zoey!" Mike picked her up and spun her around, they both laughed with joy. Mike kissed Zoey and she kissed him back. "I thought I lost you!" Mike exclaimed as he put her down. "I did too! But I knew that you wouldn't let me down!" Zoey hugged him, "I missed Mike." Then Mike was suddenly smacked in the face with reality.

"Oh no! What about everything that Mal did? The others will no doubt have the police already after me for all he's done!" Zoey paused. "I'm sorry, I forgot." Mike seemed worried. "Did he do anything bad here?" He felt something hit him lightly, like something was thrown. Mike picked the item up, it was the knife. He looked in the direction it was thrown. Noah was sitting against the tree with his arms crossed glaring.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about you. Mal, hurt you." Mike's face went red and he rubbed the back of his head out of embarrassment. "That's an understatement." Mike knew that he didn't want anything to do with him after how Mal treated him, now Mal treated everybody. "Look, he's really sorry about everything, Katie, Sadie, Justin, Cody, Sierra, Lindsay, Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Izzy, I didn't mean for this to happen to any of them, or you either. I swear it was all Mal." Zoey tried to reassure Mike.

"Mike," Zoey held Mike back and brought him a few paces away, "Mal recently did something to him, and I think now he has a hard time trusting if it's the real you."

"You do know that I can hear you two from here? The guy impaled my leg. Do you really think I'd take that lightly?" "Noah please, you're not making the situation any better." "No Zoey, I can't hide that this I am the one to blame, I need to face them." Mike started to walk off. "Mike wait! What are you going to do?" Mike sighed. "I'm going to have to be honest, that's what they want."

"But Mike, what will they do to you out there?" Zoey almost felt like crying. She remembered back to when the contestants wanted to kill him. "I don't know, but I'm sure that if you're by my side it couldn't be as bad as hiding from everyone." As much as Zoey tried to deny it, Mike was absolutely right. Mal was his problem and he needed to own up to it. "Well, okay, but promise that you won't let me leave you!" Mike smiled at his girlfriend. "It's a deal."

"What about Noah?" Mike asked. Zoey looked over at him. "We need to bring him back to the town, you expect us to leave him there to bleed to death?" Mike seemed horrified at the very idea. He walked over to him. Noah started to back away from him. "I'm not going to hurt you, again, you're going to have to trust me." Noah turned away. "How can I be sure that this isn't a trick?" Mike answered. "Well, you can't, but if you stay out here you'll die, if you come with me there's a chance you'll live." Noah looked back at Mike. He didn't look like he was lying, even if he was, what other choice did he have.

"Alright, but how am I going to get back? I can barely stand upright." Noah demonstrated his point by trying to stand up but his injury caused him to fall. Mike caught him before he hit the ground. "I'll carry you on my back, it's not that hard." Noah reluctantly climbed onto Mike's back. Zoey watched this. "Mike is just the best," she thought to herself, "I'm so lucky to be his girlfriend!" Mike then snapped her out of her thoughts. "Zoey, you coming?" "Oh, yes! I'm right behind you." Zoey ran to catch up with them.

"Mal's not here!" Owen said as he came out of the house, "neither is Zoey." Duncan followed. "The house is totally trashed though. The bedroom's wardrobe contents are everywhere and there's even blood on the stairs. That can't just be like that on its on, I'm guessing Mal took Zoey somewhere to finish the job." Heather took out her cell phone. "I'm calling the police, this has gone too far!" "Hey guys! Mike's back." The three looked behind them to see that Zoey had ran out of the woods.

"Zoey? What happened, and where's Mal?" Duncan came over to meet Zoey. "Noah and I escaped the basement, went into the woods, knocked Mal in the head and Mike came back!" Mike came out of the woods a few moments later. He ran to meet the three too. "Hey! Can one of you call for an ambulance?" Noah was on his back and seemed to have passed out, "it just wouldn't stop bleeding and…"

"Noah!" Owen ran up to Mike and grabbed Noah off his back, "what happened to him?"

"Mal chased him down, he tripped, there was a knife," Zoey tried to explain, "I tried to get there before anything bad happened, but it was too late, there was blood all over the grass…" Zoey then stopped as she realised she was saying too much. Owen held Noah and saw the wound on his leg. "He's still breathing, but his leg is bleeding too, it won't stop!" Zoey snatched Heather's phone and called the ambulance. "Hey, that's mine!" "Sorry Heather, but it's an emergency!"

Thirty minutes later. The ambulance came. Owen went off in it with Noah, only leaving four of them left. "Speaking of emergencies, what are you going to do about Mal here?" Duncan asked, "I'm just saying, the cops are looking for him." Zoey held onto Mike. "No! I'm not letting them take Mike!"

Police cars then showed up around Mike's house. A policeman tried to separate the two. "Young lady, may you step away from the young man?" As they took Mike away he gave Zoey a reassure smile and wave before leaving.

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