Total Drama: Mystery

Everything is going great at the Total Drama reunion. Until, somebody died… Mike is immediately on the case, but when he finds out who the villain really is… Things take a turn for the worst…

What? Everyone seems to be writing a MikeFic, thought I'd put my own take on it


8. 8

"I appreciate your concern for Mike, but right now, we're trapped in an underground locked basement while the guy who can snap us like toothpicks is only just outside." Noah added as Zoey paced the floor searching for a way out. "If we can find a way out of here then we can lure Mal to us and then we attack." "Great idea, I'll be sure to bring my rampaging monster repellent so he doesn't kill me."

"You know, I'd find it more helpful if I can think of a plan without you shooting it down instantly." Zoey was getting sick of Noah's attitude. "Well, excuse me for making sure we don't go along with a stupid plan that's basically just a death wish waiting to happen. It's like Mal smacked you in the head with the idiot stick." That gave Zoey an idea. "That's it! Smack him in the head!" Zoey grabbed Noah by the shoulders and looked at him, "Noah! You're a genius."

"I know, and what? You plan that we find a way to hit Mal in the head, similar to how Mal was first brought into your life in season five?" Zoey nodded and hugged him. "We might just have a chance to save him after all!"

"Stop hugging me."

"Sorry." Zoey let go of him. "Now how will we get out?" Zoey then saw a window. "If you can get that open we can get out using that." Noah looked up. "I'll never reach that!"

"Me neither, but I can lift you up." Zoey then took him without warning and hoisted him on her shoulders. Noah opened the window, luckily for them it was unlocked. "Good, now get out of there and then you can pull me up." Zoey commanded. "Zoey, I know!" Noah climbed out of the window and into the night. He reached down for Zoey and pulled her out.

"So, what now?"

"Mal's bound to notice we're gone, he'll come after us, so you'll just lure him away then I'll hit him over the head." Zoey found a huge branch on the ground. "Wait, what do you want me to do?" Noah was having doubts about her plan. "I know it's risky, but we already have a head start. Besides it won't be far."

"You said yourself that this is like a horror movie, do you have any idea to what happens to victims in a chase scene?"

"We aren't actually in a horror movie. I know it feels like it." Noah sighed. "There's no talking you out of this is there." Zoey shook her head. "Fine, I'll throw myself into the pit of fire." As he walked into position Zoey ran into the forest to hide. "I just hope this works, if it doesn't, not even Mike could save my butt this time."

Mal groaned. Mike wasn't resenting, he was still stopping him from doing anything. He needed a way to silence him, a distraction. Then he saw him. Noah. "What? How did you get out?" Noah ran away. "I thought I told you to stay in there!" Mal ran after him. "Zoey! Anytime now!" Noah warned as he ran into the forest. Then he tripped. He fell down and Mal was so close he could hear his breathing. Noah tried to call out to Zoey again. No answer. He tried to get off the ground as quickly as possible, but fell again. He looked behind him in my to see that Mal was holding onto his ankle. "Zoey! He's got me! What's taking so long!" Mal laughed. "You really thought your cute little escape plan was going to work?"

Zoey was in one of the trees. She saw through the leaves what was happening. Mal was taking out a knife! She needed to strike, now! She slid down to make sure she didn't make any noise and hid among the trees so he didn't see her. It looked like she needed to get him from behind. She just hoped that he didn't kill Noah before she'd get there.

Mal took out his knife and buried it in Noah's leg. Blood was spilling over onto the grass. "I've spared your life and this is how you repay me, by leaving and plotting against me?" Mal shouted. "You must be punished! Mike will understand!" Noah tried to call out to Zoey again but Mal yells at him. "Shut up! She's not here! She's just going to leave you to die! Don't you think she would've come? She's been playing you just so she could escape!" Noah then saw Zoey, but he said nothing. "Oh I wouldn't think so Mal!" Zoey stood behind him and whacked him against the head.

"Well you took your time didn't you?" Zoey crossed her arms and scowled. "Would you at least be a little grateful that I saved your life?" Noah blushed. "Sorry, but for a second, I actually thought you left me behind." Zoey held out her hand. "I'd never do that." Noah took her hand and tried to stand up, but he collapsed again. "What's wrong?" She then realised the palm of her hand was covered in blood. Noah then pulled the knife out of his own leg. The blade was a deep crimson colour and was dripping. Zoey thought she was going to faint. "Mal…"

"Ugh! What happened?" Mal was in the subconscious. He then saw Mike. "Zoey, she did it!" Mike seemed to be fairly optimistic. "that means I can finally get rid of you!" Mike had finally the confidence to beat him. Mike punched Mal in the face. Mal was taken back a few steps but then quickly recovered. "Alright nice guy, bring it on."

Zoey and Noah then saw something strange happen. Mal seemed to still be unconscious but he looked like he was attacking himself. "Is that normal?" Zoey seemed happy. "Mike's fighting back! He can finally beat Mal forever!" Then her expression changed as the fight went on. It looked like Mal was winning. "Oh no! This can't be happening! If he loses… MIKE!"

From inside the subconscious. Mike heard Zoey call his name. "Zoey! Don't worry! I'm coming for you!" Mike then attacked Mal. Zoey's encouragement gave Mike new strength. Mike quickly overpowered Mal. "You can't defeat me!" Mal exclaimed. "Well, I guess I just did!" Mike had finally defeated Mal. "Now I'll never have to deal with you again!" Mal stared to disappear. "It can't end like this! I'll never leave you! I'll just come back later!" Mike walked away. "Well, no matter how many times you come back. I'll be ready to take you down another time. So until then. See ya Mal!"

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