Total Drama: Mystery

Everything is going great at the Total Drama reunion. Until, somebody died… Mike is immediately on the case, but when he finds out who the villain really is… Things take a turn for the worst…

What? Everyone seems to be writing a MikeFic, thought I'd put my own take on it


6. 6

TDM Part 6

As Zoey was trying to get away from Mike's house, she ran into Owen. "Sorry Owen, I guess I was just distracted." Owen helped her up. "It's okay. Have you seen Noah?" Zoey shook her head. "Sorry, why would you ask?"

"Well, he said that he was going to see Mike about the whole criminal thing and that if he wasn't back in an hour I should call the police." Zoey then remembered what Mal did back at the house. "Actually, I think I do know what happened to him."

Mike was back in his subconscious and he saw Mal. "I got rid of the girl, before things got ugly." Mike groaned. "How are you even here? I got rid of you, I got rid of all of you!" Mal chuckled. "You'll never get rid of me, I'm a part of you, you're nothing without me." Angered, Mike tried to attack Mal but he moved away just in time. "Once I gain control again. I'm letting him out of our basement and I'll come clean to all of this. This has gone on long enough!"

"You can't let him out, he'll just rat you out and get you arrested, get us arrested. What'll Zoey think about her boyfriend being a criminal?"

"She'll take it lighter than finding out her boyfriend is a criminal that holds people hostage in his basement!" Mike yelled, "I'd rather tough it out in prison than keep this up any longer." Mal glared at Mike. "Well if you just want to give up that's fine with you, but what about what I want? You can stay here and be the hero, but I'm gonna have some fun." With that Mal disappeared leaving Mike on this own again.

Zoey had gathered a bunch of contestants into Cameron's house. "I'm glad your mom was okay with all of us being here." Zoey said.

"No problem, I told her that it was for my own safety." Cameron replied, "you said you needed to use the projector." Zoey nodded. "How else will everyone see what I have on my phone?" Zoey stood in front of all the seated past contestants. "So, I know I couldn't get all the past contestants here on such short notice. Katie and Sadie are dead, Justin is in hospital, and… well, Mike and Noah can't make it to reasons I'll explain later."

"Just get on with it already." Duncan called out. Zoey nodded. "As we all know, there's a criminal going around, and I managed to shoot a video of the criminal in action, there's no sound, but that'll be fine I guess." Zoey plugged her phone into the projector and made sure that everyone watched the video.

When Zoey turned off the video, Courtney stood up. "You mean to tell us that it was Mike the whole time!?" Zoey tried to calm her down. "You don't understand, it was Mal, he's somehow found a way back and he's committing all these crimes." Duncan went up to Zoey. "You don't know how many people blamed this on me, and you're defending Mal?"

"I'd never defend that monster!"

"Sure sounds like it to me."

"I just don't want Mike yo be wrongly accused of Mal's actions."

Heather spoke up next. "Well Mal is one of Mike's multiple personalities, he should keep that freak under control."

"So Zoey, tell us how we're going to stop Mal," everyone looked towards her for an answer. "I, I don't know." Zoey admitted. "That's why I gathered you all here." Duncan sat back down. "Well, we could kill him, then we'd get rid of both of them." Zoey was appalled by his suggestion. "We can't do that!"

"I agree with her, that'd only make us murders too." Gwen added.

"After all the trouble he caused us?" Courtney objected, "it's more of an act of self defence."

Mal was leaning outside of the house on the wall, he could hear everything that they were saying. "So the redhead knows, ugh! Great, already some killjoys are cutting my fun short." He then heard something. He turned around and saw Izzy.

"Hey guys! I found Mal! Why don't you all come and kill him now!" Mal took out a pistol and shot her down. "She's probably not dead, but I can't kill while Mike is aware, I'll just have to make him change his mind." Mal ran off as everyone else went outside to discover Izzy lying on the road.

"No doubt they'll come to find me, then the real fun will begin."

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