Total Drama: Mystery

Everything is going great at the Total Drama reunion. Until, somebody died… Mike is immediately on the case, but when he finds out who the villain really is… Things take a turn for the worst…

What? Everyone seems to be writing a MikeFic, thought I'd put my own take on it


5. 5

Zoey gasped. She got in all on video. The reveal of Mal and how he smashed the vase over Noah's head. She looked through to see what he'd do next, but she thought she caught him looking at her and she ran off. "I must tell somebody," she thought to herself, "but who?"

Mal sighed with relief. He had smashed the vase over Noah's head that immediately knocked him out. "I can't just let him out of here, he's bound to tell somebody, I guess I'll have to keep him here, but where?" He asked himself, "Mike's stupid slut of a girlfriend is meant to be on her way over here. I can't leave the room like this, she'll ask what happened."

Mike then noticed the basement in the house. Unable to find a better option, Mal threw Noah's body into the basement and locked the door behind him. "If that know-it-all twat values his life he better shut up while he's down there." Mal cleaned up the shattered vase and noticed something on the floor. Noah's notebook. Mal looked through it. It contained everything that would prove that it was Mal all along. "I can't let anyone see this. So just to be on the safe side." Mal took out a lighter and lit it on fire.

Then Mike returned. "Oh no! What am I doing?" But it was too late. There was ash everywhere of what used to be the evidence. Reality hit Mike hard. This whole time he had been looking for a criminal, but he never knew it'd be him. He had to stop Mal, but he didn't know how. He can't tell Zoey, if Mal found out that she knew who knows what he'd do to her!

Zoey decided to go back to Mike's house. She said she'd be there, it'd be suspicious not to show up. "Just pretend you don't know," she told herself, "pretend you didn't see Mike turn into that monster." Zoey is now the only one who knows about Mal, it's all up to her, but first she must play along to prove that she knows nothing.

"Zoey!" Mike opened the door. Zoey sighed with relief to see it was actually Mike this time, something about him didn't seem right though, he was shaky and his voice stuttered his words. "Come on in." Mike brought Zoey inside. "She doesn't know about him. All I got to do is keep quiet and hope that he doesn't mess this up." They went upstairs and into Mike's room.

"So," Zoey tried to start a regular conversation, "you said that Noah found out who the criminal is." Mike nodded. "Yeah, I guess that means our troubles are over." It almost physically hurt him to make that lie. "I'm glad, almost, that it wasn't you who found him, you were getting so serious, it's almost like you only wanted to beat him to it." Mike blushed and nodded. "That's what I was thinking." Then a noise interrupted their time.

Mal was in control again. He heard thumping coming from downstairs, the basement. "Mike? What's that noise?" Zoey asked. Mal needed to think of an excuse to go down. "Oh that's nothing, I think the washing machine is malfunctioning again, I'll go down and fix it." Zoey made sure that Mal didn't see her as she followed him. "That son of a bitch," Mal muttered, "he just can't stay quiet can he?" Mal looked behind him and Zoey hid in the room again. She placed her head on the floor and tried to hear what Mal was saying.

"I thought I told you to shut up!" Mal roared. That was all Zoey could hear. Whoever else was there she couldn't hear, but whatever they said Mal didn't like. "Unless you want to end up like Tweedledum and Tweedledumber you'll do as I say!" Then she heard a punch and the door slam. "I hope I wasn't too loud," Mal said to himself as he walked back up the stairs. Zoey sat up again as Mal walked into the room. "Um, Mike, why do you have blood on your fist?" Mal noticed the blood and faced Mike's voice. "Oh that, I tried hitting the machine to stop it from making that noise, it seemed to work."

Zoey shuddered. What he said didn't sound too different to what he did. "But I may have hit it a bit too hard." Zoey was sure that the blood wasn't Mal's but she said nothing else. "You seem very tense, should I go?"

"Yes! I mean no, I mean… maybe I am just a bit tired and I should, get some rest. This whole case had me exhausted." Zoey nodded and headed towards the front door and left.

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