Total Drama: Mystery

Everything is going great at the Total Drama reunion. Until, somebody died… Mike is immediately on the case, but when he finds out who the villain really is… Things take a turn for the worst…

What? Everyone seems to be writing a MikeFic, thought I'd put my own take on it


4. 4

"How'd you find out who the criminal was?" Noah sat down in one of the chairs in Mike's living room and flicked through his notebook, which now seemed to be full. "At first I had already assumed that the killer was a past contestant, what with all the attacks being against other past contestants. So I ruled out the already attacked. Katie, Sadie, Justin, Cody, Sierra, Gwen, Lindsay, Heather, Duncan and Geoff, and as of today, Bridgette."

Mike nodded. "Go on." Noah sighed. "Given the details some of the contestants gave, they said that it was a male with dark hair, a blue shirt and he was tall and slender." Noah then looked up. "That's you." Mike was confused. "But I don't remember hurting anybody." Noah nodded. "I don't think you would've, because it was technically you, but not actually you, if you know what I mean."

"I'm sorry, you lost me again." Noah sighed.

"Lindsay stated that you looked tired, meaning you may have had experience with dark circles, a common symptom of fatigue. Heather noted your incredible strength, that the real Mike could never posses. Last but not least, Justin said that the criminal had one eye, but he couldn't completely tell due to being in the dark, meaning that your eye could have been covered." Mike sat here staring. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Zoey pulled up next to Mike's house, she looked through the front window and saw the two boys. She decided to see what was going on as she hated to interrupt. She took out her phone and started to video it, she needed some form of evidence didn't she? If Noah knew the criminal, he would say it here.

"Finally, it's when the acts take place." Noah was looking into his notebook again, "they all seem to happen after you find out about who you think the next victim is, then you fall asleep, then you wake up when the attack is over with. My theory is that one of your personalities is still active, and when you're asleep is committing all these crimes, and you are blindly taking him to the victim so he can commit said crimes…"

Mike knew what this meant. His multiple personalities aren't completely gone after all, but well, at least one wasn't. Mike then out of the blue found himself in his subconscious. A deadly familiar landscape, and he looked in front of him to see a familiar face. Mal! "It was you the whole time!" Mal sniggered. "Nice work inspector Mike, too bad you weren't the first to find out, but don't worry, I'll take care of him, for you."

Mike realised what the meant and stared at his other personally in horror. "You don't mean…"

"Calm down you pussy, I'm not going to kill him," Mal smirked, "not yet anyway, you're kindness would never let me kill another person as long as you're aware of it, I'll just get him out of the way, then when I'm through with you I'll kill him."

"No! I can't let you do this!"

"You're not going to stop me, I'll be right back!"

Mike was gone now. He was no longer the naive and innocent kindhearted soul. Now he had his hair over one eye and his only revealing eye had a dark circle around it. He smirked menacingly and reached to his right and picked up a vase. Noah didn't notice as he was to busy reading. "Meaning the criminal is nine other than…" Noah finally looked up to see the criminal himself standing over him, "Mal!"

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