Total Drama: Mystery

Everything is going great at the Total Drama reunion. Until, somebody died… Mike is immediately on the case, but when he finds out who the villain really is… Things take a turn for the worst…

What? Everyone seems to be writing a MikeFic, thought I'd put my own take on it


3. 3

Mike parked his car around the corner of Cody's house. There was no way he was going to let that criminal hurt another past contestant. "I may have been going slowly before, but now it's game time!" Mike said to himself. He then stopped, he remembered that he no longer had his disorder. He had no one to talk to. Why didn't he bring Zoey? He remembered how he said that he won't miss talking to them, but he secretly did.

It's been six hours and it was nearly dawn yet there was still no sign of the criminal. Mike sighed. This was so boring, and he was so tired. Without warning, Mike fell asleep. Two hours later he heard something. "Cody? Are you okay?" Mike then realised that the criminal struck, when he was asleep! He got out of the car and saw what had happened. The entire house had been trashed, inside and out. The windows were smashed and the door was busted down.

He found two people were already there. Sierra and Noah. Goddamit! Noah had beaten him again. "Sierra? Would you mind if I had a minute with Cody, without you?" Sierra didn't want to leave Cody's side, "if you let me, I can find out who did this to your Cody and I'll let you get your revenge." Sierra then reluctantly left Noah with Cody. "So what you mean to tell me is that this guy broke into your house, destroyed a bunch of stuff and just left?"

Cody nodded. "Yeah, he also locked me in the bathroom so I couldn't see who he was, but as he was leaving he broke that door down by accident so I saw that he was tall with dark hair. For a second I thought it was Alejandro, but he had a more slender figure." Noah nodded as he wrote all of this down. Mike listened in on this. "Who was the last person you talked to before being attacked?" Cody seemed confused.

"Why do you want to know that?" Noah hid his writing from Cody as he tried to look. "That private, but can you just answer that?" Cody thought. "Okay, this may seem rather obvious, but it was Sierra." Noah nodded. "Well, I have an idea of who this could be, thanks for your time." Then he began to walk away. Mike decided to ask Cody something. He walked towards Cody and he ran away only to immediately trip. "Are you okay?" Mike helped Cody up. "Sorry. I mistook you for the criminal."

Noah heard this and began to write down quickly and then he left. "He's really serious about solving this mystery, and by the looks of it, he wants to finish it before you." Cody added. Mike turned towards Cody. "So you think Sierra would be next?"

"I didn't say that, why, do you think so?" Mike nodded. "We all think so."

A week went by and day by day. More contestants would be attacked by the unknown criminal, but it wasn't until Bridgette was attacked that Mike noticed something wrong. "Hey, was Noah here?" Mike asked as he walked up to her. Bridgette shook her head. "Then I guess I'll take this." Mike wondered why Noah wasn't there, he was there all the other times. He decided to ask Owen for answers.

"Did Noah say he was going to investigate today?" Owen shook his head. "I asked if he was go into but he said he didn't need to, he said he already found out who the criminal is. It's great! Now we can finally be in peace again!" As Owen went off Mike wondered who Noah believed the criminal was. He decided to walk home. He then called Zoey. "Owen said that Noah claimed to have found the criminal." "That's great isn't it? Now we can be free of this monster." Mike sighed. "Yeah, I guess I just wanted to be the one to find him, meet me at my place okay?" Zoey agreed. "I'm already on my way!"

Mike walked home only to find Noah standing outside his house. "Noah? What are you doing here? I thought you found the criminal." Noah nodded. "That's why I'm here, I thought since you wanted to know so badly, I'll share it with you." Mike was confused, there must me another reason, but he wanted to know who the criminal was. "Okay, wanna talk about this inside." Noah nodded and Mike let him inside.

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