Total Drama: Mystery

Everything is going great at the Total Drama reunion. Until, somebody died… Mike is immediately on the case, but when he finds out who the villain really is… Things take a turn for the worst…

What? Everyone seems to be writing a MikeFic, thought I'd put my own take on it


1. 1

"This is great! The Total Drama cast are all at a reunion and I get to be here with you." Mike blushed as he spoke to his girlfriend. Zoey giggled. "I'll never forget the first time we met." They then remembered that day. They met on the boat. Then the boat exploded and Zoey had to save Mike, but he made up for it with all the times he had saved her afterwards. "I'm just glad you're here, I would have never done it without you." Then their friend Cameron approached them. "Hey Cam, how you doing?"

"This is my first party!" Cameron exclaimed, "I never expected it to be this loud, but that's okay, because it's so much fun to be here with my friends, and that means you guys." Mike held Cameron and Zoey in a group hug, it's been a while since he had been this happy. Although, what he could never have guessed was that it would come crashing down moments later. It all started when the murder was discovered.

The party took a turn for the worse when Owen and Noah ran out of the bathroom screaming. The music stopped and everyone stared at them. Geoff, the host of the party, came up to ask what happened. "What's up dudes? You look like you've seen death." Out of breath, Noah panted. "In, the shower, Katie and Sadie." Owen finished. "Blood everywhere, dead!" The whole crowd gasped, but Courtney found it too hard to believe. "This could just be one of those pranks, who would just kill them and leave without a trace?"

"We may as well see if they were telling the truth," Zoey said, "Mike and I will check it out, and we'll find out the truth." “Why would we make something like that up?" Zoey ignored Noah as Mike followed her to the bathroom. Much to their discomfort, the two boys were right. The bathroom was meant to be painted an olive green colour but it was hard to tell as there was splattered red all over the walls, floor and all over the mirror. "Check in the shower, that's where they said Katie and Sadie were found." Zoey instructed. Mike pulled back the curtain only to scream out in pure terror.

Lying in there were what used to be Katie and Sadie, but were just mutilated body parts in a pool of blood mixed with skin. There were four eyes, four lungs, two hearts and two brains mashed together into one. Mike thought he was going to be sick all over it. When Zoey saw it she screamed too and that caused everyone to run towards the bathroom. The teenagers fought to get in and see what happened. It was like a nightmare. Anne Maria lifted the toilet seat only to find other bloodied organs that caused her to faint.

Thirty minutes later, the house was filled with policemen asking witnesses questions on what happened, when the girls were last seen, who could have possibly done it. "Man, this party died," Duncan commented, "no pun intended." Geoff sighed as one of the policemen just left him. "I know, but who could have possibly done such a thing?"

"I can help find out," Mike volunteered. "I've seen plenty of detective shows, maybe I can pick up a few tricks." Everyone seemed to be okay, then Noah stepped up. "I'll do something too, better if more than one person was doing something." "Wow, that's surprisingly productive of you." Gwen joked. "Laugh all you want, I can be very observant and I'm sure I'll find out before the guy who had the evil personality." Mike blushed as memories of Mal flooded back.

"Can I help too buddy?" Owen asked Noah. He shook his head. "Usually in the movies, just when the detective is onto something, the villain always uses the ones he's been keeping close against him, I don't want anything bad happening to you. Mike, I suggest you do the same." With that he walked off. "Don't listen to him, we're not in some movie, I'll be able to help anytime." Mike smiled that he had someone like Zoey who was always by his side. "Thanks, we'll investigate the crime scene the next day, but first," Mike yawned, "I'm feeling a little tired, I'm going to go home and get some rest."

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