Drive by

Eliza is 18 and lives with her so called adopted parents, James and Alice Key. She's not alone. She thinks no one really knows her, a matter a fact she's more than what you think she is. She's just trouble. But that all changes when she meets Justin, yeah THE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!


3. Chapter 3

Eliza's POV

I woke up to a bright light shining down on my face, I appeared to be in a hospital bed. I took a look at my surroundings and saw Justin sleeping in a chair across the room. "Justin?", I spoke.

He opens an eye and he looks at me and smiles. "Hey beautiful, you're awake", he says in his groggily morning voice. 

I smile and he comes over to me and lays next to me in the bed. "How're you feeling?", he asks.

"My whole body hurts so not well"

"Im going to kill him", he says through gritted teeth.

The nurse comes in and she tells me that im free to go. Justin hands me some clothes that he brought and i get changed into them. We walk out of the hospital and into his car. I get into the front and justin begins his drive. "You hungry?", he asks.

I nod.

"Eliza, You're safe now, there's no going back to that sick man.  gotchu, okay? Im going to protect you from whoever tries to hurt you"

I smile. "thanks Justin"

"you're welcome.. now what do you want to eat?"

"Anything is fine"

"Is taco bell okay?"

I chuckle, "Yeah sure"


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