Drive by

Eliza is 18 and lives with her so called adopted parents, James and Alice Key. She's not alone. She thinks no one really knows her, a matter a fact she's more than what you think she is. She's just trouble. But that all changes when she meets Justin, yeah THE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!


2. Chapter 2

Eliza's POV


"You mean. You know my real father?", I asked.


He nods. "I'm here to take you to him"




"You can't, I have to go back to Alice and James"


"Eliza. Come on. You know you would rather be some where else rather than with those bastards"


"Just please take me back"


He sighs. "Fine. But, I'm going to walk you to the door"


I nod.

We get back to the house and I get out of the car and we make our way up to the front door, it was locked so i rang the doorbell and James answered. "Bieber?", he says.

"Yep", Justin replies.

"What're you doing with my daughter?"

"You're daughter?, she's not you're daughter James. You beat her, I see the bruises on her face, to her arms and legs. Why would you do this to such an innocent person?"

"Innocent? I don't know what you're talking about. Eliza and I have a very tight bond. Right Eliza?", James says looking at me and giving me the stare.

"I- I.... No, We don't and I don't ever understand why i put up with you're bullshit"

James grabs me by my hair and throws me to the ground. I scream in pain. He drags me over to a drawer and grabs a gun, pointing it to my head. Justin grabs a gun out of his pocket and points it to James head. "Let her go, or I'll blow your brains out"

He laughs. "I don't think so", James says and fires at Justin.

"NOO", I yell.

Justin falls to the ground and groans holding his side. 

James pulls me into the den, and locking the door and ties me up to a chair. "Ready for your punishment Eliza?"

I begin to cry, knowing that this was about to hurt.

He pulls out a whip and hits me in my face with it. I scream trying to get someone to hear me. James hits me again and again until i nearly fall unconscious from loosing so much blood. 

Justin's POV

As  I was still laying down on the ground, I kept on hearing faint screams coming from the den. Everytime i would try and get up, I just couldn't. I was losing so much blood that i was nearly falling unconscious. 

after 5 minutes i finally got the urge to get up, I grabbed my gun and opened the door to the den, seeing Eliza, knocked out in a chair, tied up and not moving.

"ELIZA!!!!", I yelled and went up to the chair, quickly untieing her.

She groans and slightly opened her eyes. "Justin?"

"Yeah, Im going to get you out of here", I say and pick her up bridal style, carrying her out of the house and into the car.



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