Drive by

Eliza is 18 and lives with her so called adopted parents, James and Alice Key. She's not alone. She thinks no one really knows her, a matter a fact she's more than what you think she is. She's just trouble. But that all changes when she meets Justin, yeah THE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!


1. chapter 1

Eliza pov

I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon. 

I quickly changed into some black tights and a messi soccer shirt. I put on my black converse and some black socks. I grabbed my phone off of my night stand and see that i have a text message from my home girl Angelica. 'hey come over as soon as you get this'

I ignored her text and luckily i have the read receipts turned off so they wont know if i read it or not all they know is that it delivered. Smart right?

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Morning sweetie"

"Hey Alice"

"you know you can call me mom right?"

"your not my mom and you never will be", i say and exit the house.

On my way out my father arrived home and he came in with his black and white lambo. "Hey Eliza do you mind helping me with all the groceries that i have in the trunk"

"why would i do anything for you, after all the shit you put me through"

"what do you mean?"

'come on James dont act like you dont know what im talking about"

Thats when i should've stopped talking or actually way before that cause he did something that i expected and then again i didn't cause Alice was inside. He slapped me and punched me in the face several times. He gets up and spits in my face and says, "If you tell anyone that i just did that, you'll be dead and so will the person that you tell"

I sigh and walk through the gate and begin my walk to the store to get a new book. I walk in and go straight to the teen fiction i see this book that was called 'in and out' so i picked it up and began to read it it's about a young girl named elise thats always trouble and no one seems to notice until one day blah blah blah you get the gist. 

I paid for the book and walked out side and there was paparazzi all in my face. I pushed people out of the way and made my way back to the house. Or really starbucks. I was on my way there when a couple of street rats came up to me  and smiled. "Hey look who we have here it's little miss rich girl"

"Leave me alone", i say trying to sound tuff.

"Whatcha gonna do about it"

He grabs my book and slams it to the ground. He picks me up and puts him over his shoulders and begins to run between the buildings. "PUT ME DOWN", i yell hoping someone would hear me. 

Someone did. there was this black escalade heading our way. they guy turned around and dropped me staright on my butt. "Ow", i say and cry.

I try to get up but couldn't exactly feel my leg. I roll up my pants and see that it had a bruise on it. I got up and limped. the black car came over to me and rolled down their window. "Hey get in"

"I don't even know you", i say.

"It's me Justin Bieber"


"Yeah i was doing a drive by like i do all the time and i saw you and see that you obviously need help because of your leg and your arm."

Why not?

i got in and he drove off towards the other direction. He was driving faster than any other person would. "Are you okay? Eliza",he asks.

"Um how do you know my name?"

"I know your father"

"He's no my real dad, plus there's been rumors about me being kidnapped and shit by James and it makes me wonder"

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