Hospitalized and still playing because depression doesnt rule me


2. Chapter Two: Fuck It.

My eyes drifted closed as I laid in my bed in the hotel. It was nine o'clock and we had finished our performance an hour ago. All eight of us had to share one huge hotel room, and I was fucking tired.

I flinched as a loud noise erupted from the bathroom. "What the hell." I muttered standing up as I made my way over there to investigate. "JAMES LAWRENCE GIVE ME MY FOUNDATION!" Vanessa yelled. "Dude give her the make up!" Alex yelled and I rolled my eyes. Holy shit I have three brothers and we don't even fight that much! I thought tiredly as I walked into the only bedroom. I say Ashton and Michael laying in bed so I made my way over and wedged myself in between them and cuddled up to Ashton.

"Tired are we Emily?" Ashton asked softly and I nodded. I slowly fell asleep to his soft voice singing Apologize by one republic.

{A/n; bold is dreams!!!)

My heart pounded as I ran through the forest. "A-Ashton?" I whispered, seeing my boyfriend standing there in the shadows. "Your fat. Ugly. Pathetic." He spat, and I cried out as something stabbed me in the arm. I looked down and noticed all my cuts had reopened and were bleeding. "Go die." He spat and vanished, and I black out...

I shit up, panting, and shaking in fear. "Baby?" Ashton whispered softly, making adorable grabby hands at me. I hesitated but laid down and cuddled into him. "What happened? Another nightmare??" Ashton whispered. "Yeah..." I say and he hugs me tightly. "I'll fight them away. Go back to sleep baby I love you." He whispered and I smiled at him slowly drifting off. "I love you too..."

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