Hospitalized and still playing because depression doesnt rule me


3. Chapter Three: Tweets? and Dirty Dancing?

My eyes opened and I yawned. After I'd told Ashton about my nightmare no more had followed. I stood up and then looked around confused as I saw Ashton was gone. I walked out into the living room and seven sets of eyes looked over at me.

"What?" I asked and Ashton showed me the tweets.

OMG is she depressed?

She totes self harms

OMG she is so disgusting

I just shrugged and sat Dow. Beside him curling into his side. "I could care less what they think about me." I say and then I had a horrible idea. "Hey Cal, wanna dirty dance to birthday cake?" I asked  and he laughed and nodded. "Ashton your my partner!" I laughed.

{Vanessa's POV}

I burst into laughter, watching my best friend dirty dancing with Ashton to birthday cake. I took out my phone and started keeking. I laughed as Emily started grinding in Ashton. His face was flushed red at something Emily had said to him.

Michael wrapped his arms around me as we finished the keek. The others came and say down as they heard the keek. "You keeked it!" Emily shrieks, her bluish grey eyes widened. "Yup!" I nodded laughing.

{Emily's POV}

Ashton took out his phone as it beeped. "Hey guys we have to go, Emily you should go get dressed." Ashton said and I nodded walking out of the room before turning back to Vanessa. "This isn't over Lawrence." I said. "Didn't think it would be Irwin." She said and both me and Ashton flushed as I turned and went to go get dressed.

I took off my long sleeves and winced seeing the still healing wounds and the scars. I ran my fingers over them before pulling on one of Ashton's long sleeves. I pull down my sweats and gasp. Some of my cuts had bruised. "Oh shit!" I whispered before wincing as I pulled my black skinny jeans that were practically second skin. I pulled my combat boots on and walked into the other room.

"Ok let's go." I say and Vanessa nodded. I gasp. "WAIT!" I say and run back into the other room and grabbed my bracelets an then coming back. "Ok now let's go."

We walked out into the car, and I curled into Ashton's side, closing my eyes.

The demons are back....

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