Hospitalized and still playing because depression doesnt rule me


4. Chapter Four: Café of Death


We walked into the café when I felt light headed. My heart was pounding and it felt like I was going to pass out. I instantly knew it was because I hadn't gotten enough sleep. And my cuts....

"You ok Em?" Ashton asked softly and I nodded. "Just....just tired." I instantly regretted saying that since even I knew there was so much more depth behind it....

"Ok babe, I'll hold you up just in case." He said sneakily wrapping his hand around my waist protectively. We went and sat down. Ashton and I sat in the darkest corner of the table and he continuously asked me question about how I was feeling..

{Michaels POV}

I watched as Ashton talked to Emily worriedly. "What's wrong with Emily?" I asked Vanessa softly and she shrugged. "I'm not her keeper." She said but I knew she was worried.

I watched as Ashton's face contorted with panic as Emily's eyes started to close. "EMILY WAKE UP!" He said slightly loud. She jerked and looked up at him surprised.

"Sorry." He whispered and hugged her as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

Something's wrong.....

{Emily's POV}

I struggled to keep my eyes open as we sat there waiting for our food. I don't know when we ordered it because I've been in an out of it quite a bit. Suddenly I felt a heavy weight on my back but nothing was there. I felt like I couldn't breathe.

I felt a warm substance running down my arms, and instantly I knew what it was. My cuts....

I felt woozy like I was going to pass out. "I can't let them know...." I muttered to myself. "Ashy I have to use the washroom." I said and he nodded. "You have five minutes." He says and I nod standing up and going into the washroom.

I lift my sleeves and my eyes widen. It's been minutes and my hands are covered in blood. I grab the paper towel trying to stop the bleeding but it won't stop. Suddenly the lightheaded ness era to me and I collapse, my eyes closing as I succumb to the darkness.....

{Vanessa's POV}

Ashton repeatedly checked his phones time for the last ten minutes. "Ness can you go check on her please?" He begged and I nodded seeing how worried he was. I stood up and made my way I to the washroom. I froze seeing Emily laying there in the middle of the white tiles floor, her arms bare and shown. Bloody cuts were across her arm in every direction and she was surrounded by a small pool of the sickeningly red blood. "EMILY!" I screamed.

What has she done?!

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