Hospitalized and still playing because depression doesnt rule me


5. Chapter Five: Hospital....I'm sorry

My eyes fluttered open and I looked around. The bright light above me stung my eyes but that's not what confused me. Where was I?!

"Good your awake." I heard a voice come from beside me. I looked over and I flinched away from the unknown person. "We just have to change your bandages so you can be released." The man said, smiling kindly at me. He had dark brown hair and eyes and had a white coat on. "W-where am I....who are you?" I whisper. "Your in the hospital Miss.Hemmings. And I'm your doctor. Doctor Louis. Now before we release you we have to make sure you didn't hurt anything else, so we have to check our scans. But while I'm gone you have some people who want to see you." He said and I nodded, still processing the information.

He walked out and in his place were seven other people. I frowned slightly, but recognized them instantly. What's going on with me?! I thought but smiled at them sadly. "Hey guys." I said.

Ashton was holding my hand, and he looked as though he had been crying. Hell they all did. "Why'd you do it....." He asked softly. "Do you know how scared I was when I saw you Emily? I thought you were fucking dead!" Vanessa said, hiding her face in Michaels chest. "Hey at least she's back now right?" Michael asked softly, and I smiled at him. Calum stayed quiet, along with James and Alex.

"I did because it just took away the pain for a little while...." I whispered to Ashton, and closed my eyes trying to hold back tears. "Just....please don't do it anymore didn't just worry us....the fans....they were terrified." Luke whispered and I looked over at me. "I'm sure..." I said softly. "No the real fans were legit crying. There's some out there right now, waiting to see you." Luke said and came over to hug me tightly.

Doctor Louis came in and smiled at me sadly. "Ok you can leave now, here are your clothes, and your pills you will need to take, to help the healing process if your wounds." He said and I nodded. "Thank you." I said and sat up with the help of Ashton. "Vanessa can you come help me?" I asked softly. We went to the small bathroom and she hands me one if Ashton's shirts, and a pair of black skinny jeans with combat boots.

"I'm sorry you know Nessie..." I say to her and she just nods. "I know....I....I just....I finally realized what would happen if we lost you....and I just.....I broke down..." She said and I hugged her gently careful if my bandages.

We walked out and Ashton wrapped his arm around my waist, and Luke held my hand reassuringly. We went to the elevator, and a small girl and her older sister were in there too. "Just being released?" The older sister asked and I nodded sadly. "What happens to your arms miss??" The little girl asked, worry clear in her tone. "Just tripped and got hurt." I lied easily and she nodded. "I'm glad your ok!" She said and they got off and went to the café.

I leaned on the wall a few tears escaping. "Hey, baby don't cry, please!" Ashton whispered to me and I nodded his in my face in the crook if his neck, while Luke rubbed soothing circles on my hand. "Emily....there are some haters out there....please don't listen to anything they have to say...." Calum spoke softly, and I jumped since it was the first time he'd spoken since he'd seen me. I nodded. We stepped out of the elevator and made our way to the doors.

"Deep breath." Ashton whispered and I followed his instructions. We walked out.

Outside there were at least a hundred worried fans. "Emily!" They screamed as they saw me. I waved but didn't answer anything. My voice had just disappeared at the moment. Ashton kept his hand around my waist, and led us to the tour bus.....

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