Our Winter

I want to play in the snow with my first love. But why is my first love someone I'm not supposed to love? And why is it snowing?


4. iv.

iv. [chapter four]

"So, it'll be Monday in two days" I sip my hot chocolate.

"Yeah. Before I woke you up, I told your mom about the idea and she loved it so now she will be calling the school" he bumps me with his 'hip.'

"Thanks" I smile a little. I'm still way too nervous for this.

"My dad is taking me around tomorrow to look for furniture...So I can't hang" he sighs, "all day. But I will see you at dinner. Hey, smileee" he puts his hands on my cheeks and tries to make me smile without dropping his cup. I laugh as it falls to the ground and sinks into the snow. We're almost at my driveway.

"Sorry" I stop walking, "I'm just nervous for Monday"

"If it's about trying to impress, or that they'll pick on you, it ain't worth the worry" he nods at me.

I laugh at his bad grammar, "Isn't" I correct him.

"Quiet. Or I'll smother you with snow, or worse, sit on you" he threatens.

"Oh, anything but that" I say with sarcasm.

"Avril! You done did it!"

"You've done it now" I correct him again. He picks up some snow and throws it at me. "Zachary!" I laugh and begin running up my driveway with him a few feet behind me. I sling the front door open and fall over as his body weight lands on top of me. I look up and see feet in front of me. "Oh, hi mom" I laugh.

"You two are already getting along. I'm glad" she helps Zachary up, who helps me stand up.

"Yeah, me too" I say.

"Anyways, I'm going shopping. Do you two want to come? We can pick you out some new school clothes" she says to me. I look at Zachary and he nods excitedly. He is excited for me. How many times have I had someone other than my mom and David be excited for me specifically. None.

"Okay, so I need to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so if you want, you can go to another store" my mom says.

"No, we'll go in with you" I say. We follow her to the store. "They have those foam pillows!" I go jump on a pile of them. Zachary and my mom start laughing.

"Get up you lazy woman!" He picks up a fluffy pillow and starts hitting me with it. I grab his arm in refusal and yank him down with me. "I'm being harassed!!!" He shouts. I begin laughing my head off. He stands up and starts running across the store near the shelves. 

"Where do you go?!" I shout.

"Right here!" He tackles me to the floor. My mom walks around the store and her item is already bagged, which means it's time to go.

"I'm too  embarrassed so be in a store with you two!" She jokes, "Here's some money" She, on spot, hands me $200. "Go to some other store" Zachary quickly leads me to a prom/homecoming stor called "TuTu's" 

"Why here?" I ask.

"It's early November, and homecoming is at the end of the month, so you need a dress"

"Well, just a short dress. I won't be on court" I state in an obvious tone.

"You don't know that" he says casually, "Try on both long and short anyways" I walk around and pick out a few dresses. I choose short first. I pick out a light blue dress that hugs me at the waist. It's satin with a layer of lace over it, and the sleeves stop a little ways after my elbow, still lace. The whole dress is just one color and I already know I love it. I walk out of the dressing room to a small seating area where he is waiting for me. A smile quickly flashes across his face which makes me smile. He grabs my arm and brings me to the mirrors in the shape of half an octagon. I feel amazing in this dress.

"You look beautiful" he says sweetly.

"Thank you" I blush a little. I try on a few more dresses but only buy the blue one. "Thanks for buying this dress. It's really beautiful" I smile at him.

"Of course. You're going to rock at homecoming" he nudges my arm. We eventually find my mom and we pick out a few school clothes for me at Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Aeropstlé, Hollister, and Wet Seal, all the typical stores. I never shop at these stores because I didn't "look right" in their outfits, especially shorts, because the clothes are for like double zero girls and I wear size four. To me, that was just out of the question. But now I don't really care if they don't look exactly like the models do on me. I feel awesome.

Zachary hugged me goodbye. He didn't come on Sunday because he was with David.

"Good morning sleepy head" I wake up to seeing his bright smile standing beside me.

"Hey...." I say sleepily and stretch out my arms. He grabs them and begins to drag me out of the bed.

"It's your first day back at school and my first job today! Get up get up!"

"You're wearing that?" I look at the same leather jacket he always wears and he's wearing a black long sleeve shirt and his dark blue jeans. I have an attractive male standing in my room. Wow.

"Problem?" He smirks.

"No...You look great. It's just you're at the front office desk wearing that and those girls will be in there non stop to get all over you" I laugh.

"So be it. Just let me know which ones were nasty to you" he looks at my tired face.

I smile a little, "You already know two. There's five" I hold up my fingers

"Refresh my memory" he smiles.












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