Our Winter

I want to play in the snow with my first love. But why is my first love someone I'm not supposed to love? And why is it snowing?


3. iii.

iii. [chapter three]

"I'm so tired" I pull up one of my socks that is falling down.

"I want socks just like that" he says like he is being serious.

"I think they'd be too small for those large legs" I pat his calve.

"Are you calling me fat?" He says in a girly voice and brings his hand to his chest. He slings himself back like he is offended.

"Oh no. You're very fit and muscular! That's a good thing" I laugh at his acting.

"I better be. I eat so healthy" he 'fans his eyes' like he is going to 'cry,' "And it's just a waste of my time if I'm still fat"

"You're so hilarious" I laugh harder and let out my stupid snort that I always let out and I hate it. He stops what he's doing and smiles at me. "What.." I ask looking at my feet that are stretched out in front of me.

"Your laugh is great" he laughs a little, "I'm glad you're having fun"

"Guys! We're home!" I hear my mom shout from the living area. I quickly stand up and he follows me down the hall.

"Hey mom" I give her a hug, "Hey, David" I also give him a hug. My dad left me when I was 14. I've spent 3 years of my life without him but it feels like longer because he was never really around. David is the closest thing I have to my dad.

"Did you two get along?" He asks looking at me and Zachary.

"Yes. I've made my first friend" he links his arm with mine.

"I'm glad son" he nods.

"I'm going to get ready for bed" my mom kisses my head and waves to Zachary. David follows her. David will be moving in next week, which will be exactly a month before their wedding.

"Well, what are we going to do?" I turn to Zachary.

"Talk" he shrugs. 

"Wanna go outside?" I ask.

"It's cold though" he reminds me.

"There's such things as blankets...And your leather jacket" I laugh.

"Don't be rudeee" he pretends to pout. I roll my eyes and walk back down the hall and stop halfway at the linen closet and grab three old bed comforters and then I walk to my room and grab my old white basketball hoodie.

"I'm back!" I say walking back near him with a mountain of comforters covering my face.

We walk outside and lay the largest one in the grass and crawl under the other two.

"Will you really have my back on Monday?" I ask.

"For sure" he says.

"Thanks" I say and rest my hands on my stomach.

"Good morning" I hear. I look around and I'm in my bedroom wrapped up in my pink floral comforter. I look up and see Zachary.

"What happened?" I ask a little confused. It's not like I got drunk or passed out or something.

"You fell asleep outside" he says.

"I do that all of the time" I smile. He hands me my red and black plaid coat and his grey beanie. I put both on and then he hands me some soft black gloves. I put those on also. He's dressed in the same clothes from last night.

"Come on" he grabs my arm and drags me to the hallway and tells me to grab my boots.

"Okay" I slide them on. He then leads me to the front door. His hand is on the handle and he looks at me.

"I'm about to see snow for the first time" he smiles big.

"Oh my God!" I squeal. "Did you not see it last night when you took me in?" I ask.

"Well, it was dark, and plus it was only falling. The ground wasn't covered yet. I wanted to wait to experience it with you, anyways" he smiles proudly.

"Awh thanks!" I give him a small side hug and open the door. I led him out on the front porch and as soon as our feet hit the wood panels, there's the sound of snow slushing against the bottom of our shoes.

"It's so pretty" he says in a slight sense of awe and looks around with the biggest smile I've ever seen.

"It really is. I wish I could have this much joy every time I see it, but it happens so often that I've lost my excitement for it" I sigh.

"There's always joy in the oldest thing" he says. More wise words spit out of his mouth.

"I never thought of it that way" I say in realization.

"Let's go" he jumps over the wooden steps and lands in the snow. He falls over and laughs.

"Okay" I jump and land next to him.

"You can have fun no matter how many times you experience it" he holds his hand up to me after I stand up so I can help him up. He grabs my hand and yanks me dos on top of him.

"Stop!" I giggle. I try to stand up and he just hugs me and ignores my order. "Ah, Zachary!" I squeal. I see two girls walking by on the sidewalk and they just look at me. I quickly freak out. "Zachary, Zachary, please let me go-"

"Why?" He looks up at me and hasn't let go.

"I can't be seen like this" I say shakily.

"They won't bother you"

"Th-Those are the girls that made the rumors" I whisper. He releases me and I dash toward the door and I fall and tumble in front of the steps. I hear faint giggles and see the girls approaching Zachary.

"Why don't you pull us down like that" she stands over him. He awkwardly laughs and stands up.

"I'm not that kind of guy"

"Really? You did it with that girl" I turn my back to her so she doesn't recognize me.

"But she's different" he says.

"It's not like you're cheating" I hear her say.

"You're right, because it isn't, but I won't do that to her. You're not a very nice girl. Your presence is unpleasant. Please move along" he says harshly.

"Okay" I can still tell she is smiling. And she is. I hear them strut away.

"I'm not your girlfriend" I cross my arms. "You don't have to lie"

"Look, whether you are or aren't, they're still rude to you and I'm not going to fool around with them. And I mean just being friends. They're a waste of time. Besides, I have you, which is way better"

Those words make a huge smile grow across my face, "Thank you, Zachary. That means a lot"

"Of course" he hugs me tightly. How is it I just met him, but I feel like I have known him my whole life. Like he is my best friend. I feel like I can tell him anything and everything. I've told him more about me than I have to David.

"You want to go get some hot chocolate down the street?" I ask him.

"Sure" he smiles bright and begins to walk toward the sidewalk with me.





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