Our Winter

I want to play in the snow with my first love. But why is my first love someone I'm not supposed to love? And why is it snowing?


2. ii.

ii. [chapter two]

"I'm sorry" I see him again. He's snickering to himself.

"Thanks anyways" I say quietly.

"You're welcome" he smirks. "I'm Zachary"

Zachary. One of the hottest names to most girls. Why.

"Avril" I say.

"Excuse me?"

"My name. It's Avril" I cross my arms and kick around a slipper lying on my floor.

"I know, but like the singer yeah?"

"Yeah" I say.


"Why are you in here?" I scoff a little.

"I'm bored"

"Yeah, well maybe you should knock. You nearly saw your soon-to-be step-sister naked" I roll my eyes.

"Well, what if you were hurt or even dead? Do I knock for dead people? Like when I visit my granny's grave. Do I knock on the stone and ask, 'Granny are you home?' No" he laughs.

Ugh, he's so lame. "Okay, but there are other things to do than be around me. There's a t.v. in the living room. I'm sure you can manage to turn it on and watch a movie" I state.

"Wow, harsh" he puts his hands up.

"Get out" I snap at him. He rolls his eyes and walks out. "You didn't close the door!" I shout but he doesn't care. I stomp over to it and slam it shut.

I flop onto my bed an doze off but my eyes shoot open to the sound of the loud t.v. My God.

I slip on some pink pastel knee high socks with white lace at the top that I always wear in the winter time.

"Zacharyyyy" I long on walking into living room. It already seems like he's my brother and an annoying one too.

"Avrillllll" he does it back and sling his head back over the couch in 'distress' but it's really out of mockery.

"I was trying to nap. Turn that down please"

"I'm the guest and you gave me the privilege, so no" he looks at me and smiles, "nice socks"

"Oh" I awkwardly look at him, "thanks"

"Anytime. So I used to live in Georgia, but now I'm here in Utah, so does it snow in the winter?"

"Yeah, but it's nothing new to me" I shrug.

"It will be to me"

"You've never seen snow?!" I screech.

"No!" He acts just as shocked as me. He's actually quite funny. His sense of humor is like a six-year-old's but it makes me want to laugh because his mockery is accurate.

"Just wait, it'll come soon" I smile a little.

"Just for me?!" He squeals like a little girl.

"Sure thing" I pretend to be weirded out and then walk over to the kitchen. I hear him follow me. "Do you need something?" I turn to him.

"No, I'm still bored, that's all" he sighs.

"Well I'm not entertaining so don't come to me for help" I grab a bottle of coke and walk back to the living area.

"You'll be living with me before you know it, so you better lighten up. It's your house anyways so I don't have anything to do" I feel a little remorse at his words because I do need to lighten up.

"Okay fine. Do you want to order some pizza and help me hook up my Xbox 360? My mom disconnected it during a house party and I don't know how to set it up again"

"Sure, do you have any games?" He asks and seems more interested.

"Yeah. I have Black Ops II, but who doesn't? I have Batman Arkham Knight, Destiny, etc. You can look yourself" I say. I rush to my room and grab my phone off the charger and then walk back to the living area where he is waiting for me. I look up the number for the pizza place and order a large pizza, half cheese, half pepperoni. I also order a two liter Dr. Pepper that Zachary requested.

The doorbell rings. "It's here" I shout while changing into a white tshirt and then running to the door. Zachary is already there with the door open, chatting with the pizza guy while he waits for me, who has the money.

I feel him look me up and down and I grow uncomfortable and try to hand him the money. He purposely rubs my arm when taking it and then I see Zachary grab his forearm, "Sorry buddy. She's all mine" He then wraps his arm around my shoulders and kisses my head. He then proceeds to leave.

"So you're that kind of brother" I state.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"The one who isn't per-say over protective, but is protective but the kind of protective where they pretend to be your boyfriend for you"

"Then yeah, that's me"

"You're halfway on my favorite's list" I joke.

"How many friends do you have? Like do you do the two best friend thing, or the one best friend thing, or even the one big group thing?" He asks. I would say I would do the one big group thing, but I don't even have enough people for the one friend thing.

"Um" I grasp my left arm, "J-just the one friend thing"

"Oh, cool. Is it a guy or a girl?" He sounds like he is forcing himself to care.

"A guy..." I sound so unsure of myself. It sounds like I'm questioning myself.

"Nice..." He says it in the same way.

"Mhmm.." I look at my feet.

"Let's eat the pizza!" He claps his hands. I laugh a little trying to forget that awkward conversation.


"Avril, I'm going to be a close person to you one day, and I just want to let you know that you can tell me the truth. You don't have to lie about anything. Yes, you just met me, but you can trust me. I won't tell a soul"

"Thank you, but who says I'm lying?"

"When someone asks you if you're okay multiple times after you say you are, then aren't accusing you of lying, they just know you aren't being honest and they want you to tell them so they can help. Okay?" He may be a little goofy at times, look like a total badass wearing that beanie and leather jacket that he still hasn't taken off, but he can be wise with words.

"Well, I am okay if that's what you're implying, but I don't have any friends"

"Yes you do. A guy-"

"I lied" I say quickly.

"No you didn't" at this point he has lost me. I'm admitting I'm lying. How can he say I'm not? "Because I'm the guy that's your friend" he smiles so big that it makes me smile too.

"Awh, Zachary, that's very sweet"

"Think of me as your brother, but your best friend" he takes a bite of his pepperoni slice.

"You can take off your jacket ya know" I nudge his arm.

"Oh, right..." He slowly slide it off. He's standing on my right side so I glance at his left arm. A tattoo is revealed. It has one bird, and a bunch of other ones that get smaller and smaller and all they are is black. No detail. Just a flock of black birds, but it looks cool.

"Oh my God! You have a tattoo?!" I squeal. He seems nervous.

"I didn't want to give a bad impression" he says quietly.

"Are you serious? It looks awesome! I've always wanted a tattoo!"

"You should get one. This one would look cool right..." He moves some of my long blonde hair from my shoulder and touches my collar bone gently, "here. Right here" I don't even feel awkward. I just smile big.

"You think?"

"I know" he smiles.

I officially have met the coolest soon-to-be step-brother anyone will ever meet. We finish eating the pizza and then I lead him to my bedroom where the Xbox is.

"Okay, literally all you do is plug in this cord..." he takes one and plugs it into anther, "and these two for sound" he plugs in two more, "and this one" he does so and the Xbox lights up.

"Yay!" I say excitedly and grab a bin from a shelf above my headboard that has all of my games in it.

"Dang girl, you have a lot of games" he flips through them and gets excited, "You have Black Ops III? That just came out!" 

"Yeah, I haven't tried it yet and I bet you could guess why" I laugh. He takes the disc out and slides it into the tray.

After thirty minutes into the campaign, we're about fed up.

"It's so confusing! Black Ops II had a better storyline!" He whines.

"You're telling me!" I whine too.

"You're pretty cool" he punches my arm, "How come you don't have loads of friends?"

I sit my pink controller on the carpet in front of me and cross my legs, "Well, my mom told me girl friends were going to turn on me in high school, so I kept all of my guy friends and I only had guys over for my sweet sixteen and honestly all we did was go to a skating rink, come to my house, have a cake fight, watch movies, play video games, make retarded videos and play outdoor games. And guess who went and said I slept with them and had sex and was a total slut?"

"The girls"

"Precisely" I rip into another piece of pizza that I brought back with me from my bathroom break. "Anyways, all of the guys weren't mad at me, in fact they had my back. But I was bullied so much, I dropped out"

"That was two years ago right?"

"Yeah, but last year I dropped out"

"Avril, it's your Senior year! You have to go to school!" He says.

"It's November" I state.

"Who cares. I'm supposed to be in my sophomore year of college but instead I'm here. I'm getting a job in the front office of your old school.  I'll tell your mom to register you and that I will keep you safe. And hopefully your guy friends will include you"

"I get texts from them asking where I went because I deleted all social media. My accounts and everything. I don't reply though"

"They're gonna think you died. Listen, all I'm saying is, never get revenge on those girls, but ignore them. You've seen 'Mean Girls.' The new girl who was bullied turns just as bad as the bullies and I don't want you like that. Just let it go. I'll make it stop okay?" He pokes me.

"Okay" I smile.






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