Our Winter

I want to play in the snow with my first love. But why is my first love someone I'm not supposed to love? And why is it snowing?


1. i.

i. [chapter one]

"You're holding me down with your gravity" I sing to myself as the cold water hits my back.

I slide the curtain back and step onto my red, fuzzy bathroom rug. I reach for the towel I hung on the hook on the wall. As it's barely between my fingers I slip and grab the shower curtain. The bar falls loose and falls with me onto the tile floor.

I see the door crack open so I quickly lay the curtain over my body.

"Um, hi" I see a tall, broad boy with dark brown hair and a grey beanie peek in.

I screech, "Please, please get out" I stand up and wrap it around me like a towel and shut the door. Who the heck was that? I throw on my army green tshirt and slide on my pajama shorts and creep out of the door and look down my hallway. 

"Mom?" I walk around the corner to her room rubbing the towel on my wet hair. I see the boy sitting on her bed and my mother at the vanity putting in her earrings. He looks over at me and smiles.

"Oh, sweetie, this is David's son. Your soon-to-be step-brother"

"Oh, hi" I awkwardly wave.

"He recently gained primary care of him and so he will be living with David and hanging around a lot more. He'll be a good friend for you" she smiles at me through the mirror.

"Mom, I have friends..." I lie rubbing my arm so I don't seem like a complete loser.

"Okay, well I was going to wait for him to come home so he could introduce him" she stands up.

"It's too late now" I fold the towel over my forearm, "I'm going to dry my hair"

"David's taking me out for our one year anniversary, so if you don't mind" she walks over to me and slightly whispers, "he's going to be staying here. Maybe get to know him. But if you want to be rude, then stay in your room"

She knows I'm sarcastic around new people. "Room it is" I strut to my room down the hall. I close the door and sit behind it where my mirror is hanging. I grab the already plugged in hairdryer from the previous day and begin to blow dry my hair.

I hear a soft knock somehow over the dryer. I'm about to open the door but it swings open and hits my knee.

"Oh my God" I groan and flop my body backwards.

"You are not dead Avril, get up" I look up and see my mother standing over me with her hands on her hips. She's quite petite, just like me.

"I'm up" I sit up and criss cross my legs.

"Do not be rude" she slashes her finger at me, "I love you" she kisses my head and leaves my room.

I begin to sing again, "I need to fly free from your gravity, it's killing me, oh" I turn off the hair dryer and hum the rest. I unplug it from the wall and wrap the cord around it, then walk over to my dresser and put it in the bottom drawer.

"You sing really well" 

I nearly fall out of my shorts, "You scared me oh my God"

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