The Glass Queen


1. The Glass Queen

Naira was walking home. She hurried. She hoped that they hadn't seen her. She walked faster and faster.

“Hey” someone yelled. They had seen her. She started running. They were running too. She ran into the forest. They came closer and closer. Naira was now deeply in the forest. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t run anymore. Her breath was laboured.

Suddenly Naira had an idea. She could jump into the shrubbery and hide. She waited for the right moment and jumped. She landed softly in the bushes, and they didn’t see her. She took a deep breath, and waited. The boys gave quickly up, and walked home.

Naira looked around. It was dark and she didn’t recognise the forest. Naira tried to get up, but her shirt was stuck in a bush. She pulled and pulled, and finally she was free. But she pulled so hard, that she fell backwards and down in a hole.

She kept falling and falling, in what felt like hours. Her heart kept beating in an unusual rhythm. She was sure, that this was the way she was going to die. In a weird big hole, were nobody could find her. Would anyone miss her? Her family would, but she wasn’t sure about the classmates. Some would miss her, wouldn’t they?

Finally she landed. She waited. Was she dead? It didn’t felt that way. She opened her eyes and gasped. She was a whole different place, if not, a whole new world. The sky was light green, and the surface was sandy. She was still in a forest, but a whole different kind. The trees were enormous, and the leafs on it, were purple, green and pink. Naira couldn’t believe her eyes.

Where was she? And how could she get home? There was only one way to find out. Naira stood up and started walking. She walked and walked, and became more and more hungry. Suddenly she came to a strange tree. The whole tree was made out of glass, except from an apple on a branch. The tree was around eight feet high. Naira reached up and plucked the apple. She took a bite.

“Wait!” screamed a little voice. But it was too late.

Naira swallowed the bite. First nothing happened. Then she started feeling dizzy. Her head and hands started hurting and her eyes felt like burning. The last thing she heard before she passed out was.

“She is our new queen.”

Naira opened her eyes. The last thing she remembered was that she ate an apple. But she didn’t recognise the room she was in now. She sat up and looked around. It was a big room without a roof. She was laying on a big white bed in the middle of the room. The walls were made out of tree and amber, and the floor was made out of grey stone. The room was filled with beautiful glass flowers.

“Hello my queen” said a little voice. The voice belonged to a strange little creature. His head and neck was cat, and his body were human. He had long grey tail, and he was wearing short purple pants.

“Hello” said Naira quiet. “Who are you?”

“I am your helper” Said the catman proud. “My name is Yppah. What’s your name?”

“My name is Naira.” Said Naira surprised over how gentle and friendly Yppah was.

“We will now call you Queen Naira. Is that fine for you?”

“Okay, but why do you call me queen?” asked Naira confused.

“Don’t you know the legend of the glass apple?” said Yppah surprised.

“No, I don’t,” answered Naira.

“It’s our lands oldest legend. It all started when our last queen died. On her deathbed she gave an applepip to her helper and said:

“Plant this and take care of it. Her who eat the apple, shall be your new queen,” and then she died. But no one has had the courage to eat the apple. Until yesterday, said Yppah and smiled.

“But, what if I don’t want to be queen?” said Naira.

“You have to. But be careful. With great power follow greediness. Don’t let it take over,” answered Yppah, and left the room.

Nairas head was filled with thoughts when she left the bed and walked over to the wardrobe. Then she opened and looked in. Naira took a green dress out and took it on. She looked at herself. She looked different. More grownup and confident. Like a queen.

Naira checked out the house. It was a big and beautiful house. She wandered why it didn’t have a roof. Suddenly Yppah came back.

“Do you like the house?” He asked hopefully.

“I do.” Answered Naira.

“Great. You have to meet the people. Follow me.” Said Yppah and started walking. They walked through corridors before the came out. It was a beautiful and shiny day. The moment Naira stepped out, the people started yelling:

“Welcome Queen Naira, Welcome!”

There were a lot of different people. Animal-people like Yppah, but also normal human like herself. Naira was overwhelmed. She wasn’t used to so much attention.

“Say something,” whispered Yppah in her ear. That was to much for Naira.

“Stop!” yelled Naira. Everyone stopped and looked at her.

“Um… I’m exited to be your new queen,” said Naira tentatively.

“Use your powers,” whispered Yppah to her. Naira didn’t knew want he mean, but she tried. She closed her eyes and focused all of her energy, and suddenly it felt like her hole body vibrated. The crowd cheered and she opened her eyes. In front of her there was a big glassrock. Was it her that did that? She tried again, and it worked. She could shoot glass out of her hands!

The crowd cheered and Yppah followed Naira into the house again.

Nairas first week as queen went well. She practised with her new powers, and it worked every time. Everyone were helpful and they were always around her. Naira found out that she could make them do anything. If she wanted anything she could get it.

On Nairas eighth day as queen, she was laying on a couch, eating cake all day long.

“Get me another cake!” she yelled to a helper, and he stormed out to find it. A few minutes later, he came back.

“Sorry, my queen. We ran out of cake,” said the helper.

“But I need cake,” said Naira to the helper.

“There aren’t more,” said the helper quiet.

“You fool, there must be more!” yelled Naira. The helper shook his head. Naira was irritated. Why couldn’t he give her that stupid cake. Then she had an idea.

“If you don’t find a cake to me, I’ll use my powers on you!” yelled Naira. She had never tried her powers on someone before, it was an idle threat. The helper looked superior at her.

“Do it. I don’t believe in you,” said the helper and started walking out of the room. Naira was very mad now. He didn’t think that she could do it. She focused and aimed after the helper. The glass hit him, and he fell down on the ground.

“Now you can learn what happens when you defy me!” yelled Naira and laughed. Then she realized what she just did. She was a monster. But she just hadn’t control over herself. She ran over to the helper. His eyes were wide open and and they were clear like glass. She checked his pulse. He was still alive. Naira breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly Yppah came into the room.

“I heard some…” then he saw Naira and the unconscious helper. He looked at Naira with disgust.

“Get out or I will do the same to you!” yelled Naira to him. Yppah stormed out, and leaved Naira to herself.

“What have I done?” whispered Naira to herself. She ran into her room, and started crying. What if she lost control again? She knew it would happen. She could feel her heart became glass. Suddenly four helpers came into the room.

“Let me be alone!” yelled Naira, who already felt the rage fill her up. The helpers just kept running against her. All of them had swords.

“STOP!” yelled Naira filled with anger. She focused and felt the power flow through her hands. All of the helpers fell down on the ground. Naira looked at them. Then she walked out on the balcony so all the people could she. They looked hesitant at her.

“I am your queen. You are my slaves. If you don’t do want I say, you’ll get punished!”

The crowd looked chocked at her when she walked in again. The next days became a nightmare for Naira. She couldn’t recognise herself. She did a lot of evil things, but she couldn’t stop. There must have ben something wrong with the apple. After a week, it became enough for the people. They sent their best warrior, but Naira could easily beat him. Then they sent another warrior, but Naira could also beat him.

Naira stopped counting the time. The evil had taken over her heart.

She overheard the helpers talk about a new warrior. One, no one had heard about before. She didn’t take the threat from the warrior serious.

One night she heard her door open. Naira got out of the bed, and turned on the lights. A girl was standing in her room.

“Who are you?” asked Naira and looked at the girl.

“I’m Rowan and I’m the greatest warrior,” answered Rowan and looked deeply at her.

“And I know why you are acting the way you do. There was a curse over the apple. A curse that makes those who eat it evil,” said Rowan.

“But how can I stop the curse?” asked Naira.

“You have to handle three challenges. Then the curse will disappear,” answered Rowan.

“But how do I do that?” asked Naira desperate.

“I can do it for you. You just have to give me the powers,”

“Okay, I’ll give you the powers, if you can make the curse disappear,” said Naira and focused all of her energy. She could feel the power go away, as Rowan got more. But Naira started feeling dizzy.

“What’s happening?” asked Naira. She fell down on the ground.

“I tricked you,” said Rowan. “You can’t stop me from taking over this world. And when I’m done with this, I will take over your world too!”

The last thing Naira saw was a big glass-beam, and then everything was dark.

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