Death by locket

Now I can hear the footsteps getting closer so I pick myself up, tears streaming down my face and try to quieten the hysterical hiccups making me jump. Shakily I change my path to one containing more bushes and thorns as I know it'll buy me some time. I have no idea what they want to do to me yet with a sickly feeling swirling in my stomach I can sense that If they catch up to me then I'm surely going to end up dead.


2. The Kindly Old Man

It seems to be a cottage of some sorts with a bed of flowers encircling it. I walk upon the cobbled path and sigh with pleasure at the coolness my torn feet feel. It's a blissful hurt and with a new spring to my walk I reach the cottage.

As I was about to knock on the heavy oak door, a booming voice commanded "Enter!' And stopped me in my tracks. My bones were chilled to the marrow and my hand rigid as I processed the fact that the man was aware of my presence when I hadn't even knocked.

With a sinking feeling I realised that his voice had probably alerted the kids of my whereabouts. Turning away from the door I walked away with all my hope having evaporated into the crisp evening air.

I heard the door open and the voice told me to that he couldn't keep the door open for as long as I was dilly dallying. A grateful smile gracing my face I ran back up the path and into the cottage.

The amazing feeling of being secure and sheltered washed over me as I looked into the quaint little sitting room for my saviour. I saw a curious armchair turned away and was startled when the voice came from there telling me to sit and have tea.

As the quiet evening wore on I found myself confiding in him with what had happened and let him tend to my shredded feet. I told him about my acute emotional disorder for which I was despised.I felt like he cared and was touched when he offered me a home with him in his cosy cottage.

Jubilant I said yes immediately because I'd rather have a friend than be in the care of people who pity me. I remembered that I had left my dead mothers locket in my room at the orphanage and had to get it back as it was my only connection to her.

When I told him I had to go for this he understood and told me that his door was open for me whenever I got back. Tears of joy trickled down my face as I had found the only person to accept me for myself and I ran as fast as I could back to the village.

I never got to see him again and I wonder how long that door was left open for me yet I'll never know because I met my end at the edge of the Rushmere forest with my mothers locket choking my neck.

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