The Other Side

I was in a strange place covered with white. I had fallen asleep in 2015. In July. Now it was December in a year I didn't believe.


1. White

I yawned. I stretched, and I went back to bed. I repeated that process again. Then I knew I couldn't ignore my alarm. I woke up this time. I looked around. Something was wrong. This wasn't my room. My room was messy, and not some fancy rich person room, full of white and a huge bed. What kind of skateboard was that? What was going on. I got up and looked at the closet. What had happened to this person's clothes. They were... plastic! 

I sat on the couch, and felt the stiffness. Who would want a couch like this? I opened another door. A living room was in there. Another door held a bathroom. Way too advanced to be a bathroom. The "shower" was just a bunch of small holes in the wall. A built in tablet in the wall told me the date time, and "Good Morning Princess Cecily."

That wasn't my name. I definitely wasn't a princess, and the year wasn't 4213. A door opened and a lady rushed into my room.

"Merry Christmas Cecily! Time to get you ready."

"Sure," I said playing along with the game. Something that wasn't this lady whispered in my ear. "Go along with it. I'll explain tonight. Act like a princess, and keep a good posture!"

Meanwhile, this strange lady was pushing me in the shower. She clapped two times and I was immersed in warm water. A machine played with my hair and I sat there trying to figure out where and who everyone thought I was. Where was my family, and why was I here? The lady, who called herself my new maid, tucked and pulled and pushed. She put my long hair up in a braid that wrapped around my head. She put on a gown of blue silk. She said it matched my eyes, and my hair. She ushered me into a large dining room, where a king and queen sat, no doubt my "parents" along with a young girl, maybe 4 years old, and  2 boys who looked like twins. 

"Cecily, have a seat please. We were worried about you. Thought you might have gotten hurt. Please be on time for the morning meal tomorrow."

"I'm sorry, Mother." I improvised.

"It's all right dear, but with all the rebel attacks, I fear one of you may be hurt."

Rebel attacks? I didn't know who these people were, or where I was, but I knew that couldn't be good.


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