The Other Side

I was in a strange place covered with white. I had fallen asleep in 2015. In July. Now it was December in a year I didn't believe.


3. Truth

Here's the deal. I was in my room, and the voice was back again. I'm the real princess Cecily. You're me now, but I'm still you. It's all confusing but you'll get is soon. You see, it all started a few months ago, one of my maids was blamed for making me crazy. But it was everything that my parents were putting on me. And all the white around here, it makes me nauseous. I got really sick. I would have died. But my parents had a solution. You. I had been told I had a very powerful great great great great great grandma. She had done great things in life, and was one of the last of... She droned off, like she had said too much, after I burst out laughing. Me? Great things? I was barely managing by through high school. Yes, I tend to exaggerate a bit, my grades were flawless. But other than that, I was just some, some, teenager!

At least you will do amazing things in life, even if you don't believe it. Anyways, on the verge of death, blah, blah, blah. If they could make us the same person, I could live. I don't understand it, but that's what I was told. They went back in time, and captured you. After that, I went into a coma. They didn't think I would live, and that whatever they had done would work. They tried to reverse what they had done, before you died with me. Then I woke up this morning, only I'm in a lot of pain, you're taking over everything I do, and that hurts your energy, and my head. I finally realized the pain in my head I was feeling from having her in there, and trying to stay in control. Not knowing how, I eased up and a huge relief fell. Now it was like talking to a different person.

I'm still the same person, and personality, but I'm running on your strength. I know you feel like you're being used, but I need you, so please don't try to get out, it might be dangerous anyways. I could start to feel her thoughts, which most likely meant she could feel mine.

I could feel her seeing my life back in 2015, where my only cares were making it to class on time. I saw her thoughts, the princess training, the rebel attacks, her childhood of almost never seeing her parents, and I couldn't stand it. I burst into tears, or she did, but at this point, I had no idea. I saw all of the awfulness, and I understood.

A long time ago, or maybe the next day back in regular time, something struck the world as we knew it. Everyone went down. Famines and droughts swept the world, and no one could stop it. Everyone panicked, millions died, and some one took over. Made this better world. That person stopped the droughts, saved the hungry, and made everything fair. That person took a ruling place over the world.

For years, that person ruled, and everything was right. Then that person died. And that person was me.



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