The Other Side

I was in a strange place covered with white. I had fallen asleep in 2015. In July. Now it was December in a year I didn't believe.


2. The Parade

After the morning meal (I had been told to NOT call it breakfast) I was pushed into my room. The bed was so large. It had white pillows, upon white pillows, and a large fluffy yet sophisticated blanket. The floor was marble, and cold. When I complained about this, the floor automatically heated itself. On the other side of the room, away from the bed, there were a few stiff seats, that were, of course, white. A large fireplace that started the fire itself, stood on the edge of the room. There was a part of the ground that could rise up at the command of one of my maids, and that was where I stood when they would fit dresses for me. Most of them were a blue silk. There was a "living room" that was connected to my room. (Don't call it that mistress, it's a parlor my maids kept telling me) There was a kitchen, and a small dining room, only for me and whoever I allowed in there. I wasn't allowed in the kitchen though, that was only for my cooks. Whenever I wished, I could tell them to make me anything, and they would prepare it in the speed of light, and serve it to me. There was the cleaning room (a bathroom)  and a closet. The dresses felt like plastic. And even worse, I wasn't allowed to wear pants. Apparently they aren't elegant enough.

I waited for the voice from to talk to me again, but it never did. I was put in a plain white gown, with tight long sleeves, and a skirt that ruffled out. It was more than uncomfortable. When I asked what they were dressing me for, they replied with a mumbled "parade" which only scared me. 

Suddenly I was being dragged, again, into a room I hadn't noticed before. The conference room. 

"Why Cecily, it is good to see you up and well again." said a woman who walked out of the corner. "Take a seat, the kitchen staff are bringing the midday meal in soon. I'll brief you on what's going to happen, then I'll send you off. Good?" 

"Yes, she's fine." a maid of mine quickly answer.

"Good to know you didn't mess her up again." the lady said with a glare in the maid's direction.

I promise I'll explain later, I don't have much time, that lady's name is Alexandria. For now, get on the float and stay safe.

So now she decides to help me, not when I made the mistake of calling the morning meal, BREAKFAST. Some of these people made absolutely no sense to me. 

"Here's the deal," the lady began again, "Rebels have lined up all along the route your float is taking. I designed you a protector, put it on your arm and you'll stay safe."

"Thanks, Alexandria." 

I was pushed again, and they tugged me to this staircase, where I had finally had enough. 

I pushed them away "Stop it! What are you doing to me? I can walk myself!"

Seconds into my speech I was pulled away into something resembling a prison. 

Great, you've ruined that. 

They pulled me out again, and put me on the float. Things were thrown, and shot, and there were so many scary things happening. I was shaking harder than I ever had afterwards. My maids rushed to my side when we got off. Then I collapsed.

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