The Other Side

I was in a strange place covered with white. I had fallen asleep in 2015. In July. Now it was December in a year I didn't believe.


6. Rebels

Tuesday morning marked one full week of my torture. Ever since being here I had done one thing that might be the closest thing to bettering my kingdom was the parade, and that wasn't even close to being a good thing. This wasn't what my life should be like. I should be helping others, working on political problems, finding ways to fix homelessness, but apparently none of that existed in this world. All days I was left to do whatever I chose. Most days I wandered mindlessly throughout the castle scared frightened, and alone. Ever since i had pushed Cecily out she hadn't said anything. I was okay with that. Our last conversation hadn't been the most productive. Every day I engaged in mindless conversation at all meals with my descendants, or Cecily's family. So when I woke up on Tuesday I realized I had to start being productive or I would turn into these crazy people. I spent the morning being readied for the day, eating breakfast, and starting my plan. Then Elizabeth ran into my room. She was the four year old daughter of the king and queen. She had tears in her eyes. My heart broke as I saw her as someone else, only this girl was in a coffin. Dead. I had no idea where that came from, but when I saw it, I lost it too. I picked her up, both of us sobbing. We sat on my couch holding each other. 

Apparently I had let my guard down, and Cecily took her half control over. 

I stopped crying and heard myself ask why Elizabeth was crying. 

Life here was so much more worse for everyone than I had thought.

She stuttered every few words but I had time to listen for as long as she needed me.

"I saw them Ce. They were outside. Watching my momma and poppa and then they took out the long things, and pointed them at, at at them. They saw me Ce. They're coming."

And right on time, the twins barged into the room with thousands of men behind them. 

"Both of you, get up, we need to go. Now or the rebels will get us."

Cecily got up, still clinging to her beloved younger sister. But I still sat there in shock, and watched as Cecily and I were no longer bonded. I knew what would happen next, and grabbed Elizabeth, and held Cecily upright.

I looked to the boys, no older than 14 or 15. 

"Take us to the safest place nearby." I pleaded.

They grabbed Cecily and Elizabeth, and nodded for me to follow. I rushed behind them until I was shoved into a prison cell. I watched as they all ran and left me behind, Elizabeth staring at me and screaming

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