The Other Side

I was in a strange place covered with white. I had fallen asleep in 2015. In July. Now it was December in a year I didn't believe.


4. Memories

Here I sat, crying over everything I had done, everything I had seen since I let her have equal control. All the memories I had seen were permanent, and it overwhelmed me. I had seen my way of "fair". I can say one thing, nothing was fair in what I had done.

Everyone worked all days except for Sundays. Once they hit the age of 12, they were put in a certain division of labor. They were all given the bare minimum to eat, and everything else. I sat in my palace, without a worry. I saw this memory first, and I saw it as myself. I felt an overwhelming sadness during the memory, and wondered why. Then I went to the beginning of the famine and droughts. When my parents were killed.

I skipped that memory somehow, and saw every ruler since me. The oldest would rule, and got whatever they wanted. Until the 5th generation. That was when even the rulers lost their personalities. Before then, none of the people had personalities, all they did was work 10 hours, sleep, and repeat. At the 5th generation, we all slowly lost all personality. No one even had original ideas. They all went off of the rulebook. Unless you were assigned the task of inventor, you weren't even allowed to have ideas. Then 2 generations away from Cecily, a group formed, called the rebels, and they tried to bring down the royal family, and all order.

I was close to wanting to join them actually. Cecily was becoming her own sort of rebel too. When she had gotten sick, it was just her having ideas. They injected a poison in her to make her sick, without her parents knowing, when she first proposed something new. Then her parents found a cure, which surprisingly happened to me. They went back in time, which I was slowly starting to remember. Then after school one day I had been talking to my friends, walking out, seconds after the bell rang. All time stopped, and these people appeared out of nowhere, and put me in a bag, after giving me a shot. Everything was blurry after that.


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