The Other Side

I was in a strange place covered with white. I had fallen asleep in 2015. In July. Now it was December in a year I didn't believe.


5. Different

I was terrified to put it simply. I was a 16 year old girl! I had had a normal life. Everything was fine. I had the smallest worries in the world. But as it TURNS OUT I was a GREAT DICTATOR! You know how old I was when I took over? 17!! What teenager takes control of the world and starves everyone while she lives a magnificent life inside the castle? I asked Cecily about this and she said there was a reason. I didn't believe her. She said when I was ready she would show me. I didn't want to be showed. I didn't want to be here and I most CERTAINLY was not going to play her stupid little princess show. Cecily's life was ran by my anger while I played the part she wanted me to play. But secretly I was planning how I would get back and find a way to change what I had started so many years ago.

Okay, so being a princess sounds like all rainbows and sunshine, right? Personal maids, chefs, informers, and the most gorgeous gowns. Now, you're probably guessing I'm about to tell you it's the exact opposite, only that wasn't the deal here. It was all sunshine and rainbows, with a side of guilt. Not a single adult here liked their job, but they didn't have a choice, it was their chosen division of labor. They worked from the day they were 12 until they died. My heart broke to think of that. For 16 years I had lived a free life full of happiness. These people I had created would never experience any happiness or emotion. 

A child is born in my day and you go home after everything is approved, and you enjoy your new addition and soon they grow up and you teach them how to walk and talk and soon they're on their way to Kindergarten with their tiny little legs and tiny little backpacks. Suddenly they are all grown up, and they leave, but you still hear from them and love them.

In the world I created, a child is born, and placed in a care center. For a week. Then placed in the development center, where they are attached with wires and knowledge is forced into their heads. Soon they have the strength of a child, but they must progress physically for a year in the Progressing center. When they are done there,they are assigned to a family, and taken away at the age of 12 for their training. You will never hear from that child again. And if you do, it's not good news for your family.

See the difference? The difference is one you get a shot at happiness if you choose, and the other was created by someone who must have taken that for granted and when it was taken away she took it away from everyone else. 


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