Пока мир

(World criminals series book 1)

"Bye world

I had fun take care

I will see you in hell"

~Yuri Pleskun~ Book cover



4. 4

As we neared the hotel a black car pulled up. I didn't know who it was so I continued walking until someone called my name, so I stopped and turned cautiously .

"Arkady my man come here," a deep voice said as the car moved forward to the spot I was standing. I shoved Artyom to the entrance of the hotel and hid my gun. I stepped forward to where the window was open and looked inside. There sat Talon with his back shades on smoking a cigar, I could see the puffs of smoke and the edge of his shades, I could only see half his face and half of the heavy coat he was wearing with his fox skin around his neck. He usually had a couple of women sitting here and there but this time he was alone.

“Talon.” I said as I nodded my head.

“So you do speak.” he exclaimed as his chauffeur opened his door and helped him step out. Talon was old and sometimes needed some help.

“Of course I speak sir, I just haven’t been able to lately.” I said as I placed my hands behind my back.

“Or so I see.” He said as he leaned into his gold covered cane.

“Come one we have business to talk about.” He said as he started walking towards the hotel.

“It is not a good-” he cut me off before I could finish, “I know killing a friend is never a good moment.” He said casually as he started walking.


“I have eyes everywhere Ark. I know what goes on.” He said as he smirked and patted my back.

All I could do was stare at him and wonder. I stood there thinking about what he told me when he said, “Looks like your prisoner is leaving.”

I quickly turned and watched as Artyom was turning a corner.

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