Пока мир

(World criminals series book 1)

"Bye world

I had fun take care

I will see you in hell"

~Yuri Pleskun~ Book cover



3. 3

Once I arrived to palace bridge I turned a corner and parked in one of the wide allies, luckily the car was black and no one would be able to see it. I shoved Artyom out of the back, he groaned as he fell face first since his hands and feet were tied back he didn't get a chance to reach out. I undid his feet ties and pushed him and started walking towards the Sokos hotel, which was a couple of blocks away, there Diana and Varvara awaited for us.


"You know none of this would be happening if you had kept your mouth shut," I said to Artyom as pulled the tape roughly off his mouth. He groaned as the tape pulled on his whiskers. I pushed him forward and kept walking through the shadows of the street, trying to keep the ongoers from noticing what was going on. I pulled a sweater out of my back pack and tossed it over his shoulders to keep his bound hands hidden.


"Thanks, I was getting cold," he said as I pushed him forward. People looked at us weirdly because of my hand on his back but what they didn't know was I was holding a gun under my sleeve to shoot him if he made a move to escape.


"I did it to keep your hands hidden. If there weren't people walking by I would of let your ass freeze." I said as pushed him towards an isle


It was a short cut to the hotel and it was hidden. There was no one there but a couple of stray dogs that were digging through the trash. The dogs quickly ran off when they saw us some stayed and watched us with curious eyes. The dogs reminded me of Eli and I when we were younger, my parents were broke and couldn't make ends meet, so while they were off working part-time jobs me and Eli looked for food, we would look through the trash bins looking for anything mostly, but one day everything changed. While me and Eli were looking through the bins for leftovers people threw away, a couple of men came up behind us, they tried taking Eli but I started to fight them, I kicked, screamed, threw anything I could find at them. I took them on and made Eli run, she ran to the police and got the men arrested. Artyom's dad took us home that day, that was when he brought up the job I have now.

He told us how it worked the flaws and the cons. I took it up while Eli declined, she promised to not tell mom and dad, so each time I would come home beaten up or tired she would cover for me. I started to anonymously send money to them and pay for the bills. The day Eli disappeared was the end of me, I walked around feeling empty and alone, I continued working, I searched for her all over but it seemed she was erased off the face of the Earth. 

We continued walking in silence. I was surprised Artyom hadn't tried running off or fighting me. Maybe he truly knew what I was capable of. We walked a couple of more steps in silence before he broke it.

"I sent her to America." He whispered as I started pushing him towards the street once again.


"What?" I asked as I stopped midway and looked him in the eye, his eyes were bloodshot, and his nose was bleeding. He noticed I was looking at the blood so he quickly wiped it off with his shoulder. He then continued walking as if nothing.


"What do you mean you sent her to that place?" I asked as I grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him against the wall in the isle  so no one knew what was going on. I held my fist to his face and wrapped my other hand around his neck and made him speak.


"I sent her there because she was a distraction." He said all at once gasping for air like a fish.


"A distraction to who Artyom?" I asked as I loosened my grip a little.


"Me Arkady. She would always be on my mind. At first I took her to a parlor house-the one Diana's daughter was in-I made her stay there for a while, but I always felt myself being driven there. I wold visit her once in awhile but soon I was there every single day. So I sent her to the U.S. with money and let her get lost." He said as he started sobbing, I simply stared at him.


"Why Artyom? If you-" he cut me off before I could finish anything.


"I got news she died in a car accident. I went over there to see if they were right. They didn't find her body so I assumed she was still alive. I payed an investigator to look for her." He said as he gasped for air when I let go of his throat.


"You sorry bastard! I loved her! She was my little sister! I was supposed to protect her! When did the accident happen?" I yelled in his face. He cringed at my sudden voice rise, I rarely raised my voice I was usually quite.


"It's been a couple of months." He said as I started pacing in circles. I leaned against the wall and took a deep breath before I lost any of my sanity and crushed his face and gutted him with my bare fists.


"He has found a little of her but from there she was off the grid again." He said as he stared at my form against the wall.


"Let's go." I said as I picked him up and pushed him towards the streets again.


Once we arrived to the hotel I was going to get all my questions answered.






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