Пока мир

(World criminals series book 1)

"Bye world

I had fun take care

I will see you in hell"

~Yuri Pleskun~ Book cover



2. 2

I sat coolly in the chair in front of him, feeling the cold metal of the gun in my hands. Such thing shouldn't be in anyone's hands yet here I am, the cool metal powering my adrenaline even if it wasn't loaded. I liked the weight and the smooth surface it had, it also had a dragon engraving on the side. I had given this gun as a present to Artyom, but it seemed he was no longer going to use.

"Let's make a deal I will take you and Diana to palace bridge and we will see if you will give me the information on Eli you sorry bastard." I said as a gripped the gun tighter. Diana was one of his many mistresses she was twice as old as us but was more talented when under the covers. 

The snarky vixen made a living off of us, we didn't care much about her, yet she had information that came in handy so we held on to her. Artyom simple grunted and winced as he got up from the couch, before he could do anymore movement I quickly dialed Varvara to make sure (the chick) was still around the palace bridge area and make sure that if she was to find her take her to the bridge as soon as possible. Varvara led a life like us, stealing information from companies to top secret information from Russia and selling it to the highest bidders, only she worked for me and no one else, I had gotten her into this type of life a year after I started. It was a dangerous job for us, yet the adrenaline one felt by knowing all the money you would get and knowing that you were capable of stealing information from the top dogs, I had been doing it for four years and knew my way around thanks to Artyom's father who introduced it to us. We usually sold the information and files to mafia leaders throughout the world, they loved having this type of information.

Var Texted me back a couple of minutes later.



She is nearby. I’m going to bring her to the square. Talon is here he needs to speak to you, Vivian told him everything



I’ll see you soon and tell Talon I will speak to him soon. Get rid of Vivian.



Yes sir


I quickly grabbed the keys of his car, I placed him back on the couch and tied his hands behind his back with piece of rope I found in the kitchen. Once I made sure he wouldn’t move from the spot and wouldn’t be able to undo the tie, I looked around the house in case there was someone else in the place. Once I reached the living room again I picked his father's body up and went to put it in the attic. His eyes were open and rolled back, his body was cold, and bare. This is what it feels to hold a dead body, I thought.

I had killed men before but this was the first time holding one, Varvara usually cleaned up after me but this was the first time for me doing it. I quickly disposed of the body and walked back upstairs. Artyom sat at the edge of the couch staring at the spot where his father had lay dead, a single tear ran down his cheek before he looked up.


“I hate you,” he said as I got the things we needed to leave.


“It was your fault. Once we reach palace you will tell me of the whereabouts of Eli and if you refuse you will see the consequences,” I said as I pulled him up his feet and pushed him out the door.


By now it was dark outside and there were no street lights in the broken part of town it also meant no one could see what I was up to. I had grabbed a black backpack before walking out the door and put my weapons and the ones I found around the house with a couple of items I would be using.


“You will regret everything,” I said as I hit him with the handle of my gun.

His eyes rolled back and his body fell forward. I caught him and dragged him to the back of the car, there I tied his feet and hands together then I taped his mouth to keep him quiet during the ride. I had so many emotions running through my mind as I turned the car on and drove out the driveway towards the main street. I had been hit before while on a assignment but when being hit by someone you love, it hurts more than walking on glass or being thrashed by guards, thugs, or any of the ones that I have to run into while working. I was fuming at Artyom's betrayal, I was feeling hurt at my father's actions, all I wanted to do was curl up in a hole and die.

 But I knew better than be a coward and not face my problems. I was going to bring Eli back and fix everything I did wrong, I was going to fix my broken family and make better choices but not before I get rid of all the dung lying around, I was going to clean up the mess even if not all of it was mine.

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