Пока мир

(World criminals series book 1)

"Bye world

I had fun take care

I will see you in hell"

~Yuri Pleskun~ Book cover



1. 1

"Hey, guys I'm home!" I walked into the house and looked around. I walked around seeing if anyone was home, I caught a glimpse in the living room, mom was sitting on the couch crying and my father was rubbing her back soothingly. I suddenly felt nervous.


"Mom? Dad? What's going on?" I asked. He looked up at me with pure disgust in his eyes. He breathed in and let the air out then stood up, my little eight-year-old sister was there playing with her dolls, so he told her to go over to the neighbor's house to play. She nodded and gathered her things before being walked to the neighbor's by me. When I walked back in mom was gone but my uncle was here now and so was my cousin Alex, they were from America so I was confused as to what was going on now.


"Sit down Arkady." He said sternly, he didn't use my nickname, which meant something was really wrong. I shuffled towards the couch and sat down and waited for him to speak.


"What's wrong?" I asked now even more nervous.


"Artyom came by. He told us something's that I would never believe my son would do." He said his voice wavering a little. Now I was afraid, my heart was beating faster and I felt the sweat on the edge of my hairline.


"What he says?" I asked already knowing but praying that it wasn't what I thought it was. Artyom was my best friend my trusted companion he wouldn't tell anyone my secrets. But why now? I hadn't said anything to his father or friends.


"He said you've been selling some things that aren't supposed to be sold to anyone and doing things a father doesn't want his son to be doing." I saw as tears started to stream down his cheeks. I tried to reach out to him but before I could do anything he got up and hit me. He'd never hit me before so right at that moment I had a momentary numbness before everything came back to me in a huge wave.


"F-father," I croaked as I stared at him with tears streaming down my face. My uncle got up and restrained my father before he could do anything more. "I hate you! You are not my son!" He yelled as my uncle pulled him towards the kitchen and calm him down, all I could do was gape at what had happened, I quickly ran upstairs and locked my door.

I rummaged through my dresser and got the necessary things I would need. I knocked over my bed and ripped open the back inside there was a safe. I quickly pulled it out and opened it. I got the files I needed and my weapons before opening my window and jumping out.

I quickly ran through the complex and ran towards Artyom's house, someone needed a visit.

Once I reached his house I knocked down his door. He was lying on the couch with a girl riding him.

"Artyom!" I yelled as I walked towards him. I pushed the girl off him and pointed my gun at his head and held is there.


"How could you man. I thought we had each other back." I yelled in his face. I saw from the corner of my eyes as the half naked teen grabbed her cloth and ran out the door. He snickered before pushing the gun out of his face and getting up from the couch and got dressed.

"You thought. But I simply used you, Ark. See the thing is you had information that I needed." He stated matter of factly before sitting back down and lighting a cigarette and crossing his arms.

"Let's talk business," He said. I suddenly felt something cold touch the nape of my neck. I felt the goosebumps on my arms rise up on my arms.


"Yeah let's talk business." His father said.


"Artyom don't do it." I said.


"Why shouldn't I. I mean you did it to so it might as well be fair." I let him have his fun.

"Give me the papers and I'll let you and your family live," He said coolly as he took a deep puff from the cig.


"How can you assure that they will be safe from you and me. Huh?" I asked I was already getting ready for the right moment to strike.


"I can assure Elizaveta will be fine." He said. That made my blood go cold.


"What do you mean Elizaveta?" I asked.


"Oh, my dear Ark. Eli is still alive." He said. Eli was my sister, she disappeared six years ago when I was twelve and my little sister, Karina, was four. My parents were depressed for a while and wouldn't come out of it. Until two years ago when Karina wished on her birthday that her parents would be happy. They cried for a bit before we all hugged and continued on with our lives happier than ever. I took a deep breath and stood straighter, "Where is she?" I demanded as glared at him. He gave me a smug smile and looked at my back where his father was standing before looking me directly in the eyes.

He stood up and leaned down to me before whispering, "Somewhere where you'll never find her and where she will forever be my little slur-" I didn't let him finish before I took the gun out of his father's hand and snapping his neck and knocking him toward the other side of the room with a powerful roundhouse kick to his side.


"Let's talk business.' I said as I pulled a chair and sat down and turned to him repeating his words to him.



This chapter will be dedicated to Cāngkù Shísān -great words man-

Cause I kind of trolled him unintentionally (maybe)

~Not edited~

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