A world turned into chaos...

I have resently startet playing DayZ and DayZ RP. In RP I have created the character Melody Shaw. This is her background story.


4. The roads that leads to nowhere... And everywhere...

Nataliya gave me light, life, happiness and even love.
I was no longer able to turn back…
…I could no longer follow my parents plan.
As collage was at it end, I stood to face my parents.
Here, the woman I loved, carried me through it.
And within only hours, I had broken from my childhood.
I and Nataliya turned to her home country, and her mother. Here there was not judgment.
Rather her mother was nothing but pleased that Nataliya had found – quoted – True love.
And even thou I was in a strange country, with unfamiliar people, I was happy…
Reality is, that if I had not chosen Nataliya and this happiness and love, then I would never have moved to Chernarus.
And I would never have had to lose her… 
When the sickness arose and cause chaos, Nataliya was convinced that leaving the city was the answer.
It was a good plan, if not everyone else had had it. 
On the road, it was panic. Everyone was scared for their life, and the life of their loved ones.
We were no different.
The part about not knowing what was going to happen, and what was happening, caused the feeling of insecurity in everyone. 
I still remember Nataliyas drive to get me and her mother out of the city and out of the country. She was afraid. Which was not a good sign. Nataliya was supposed to be the brave one. 
I myself remember only a kind of slowness. The unrealistic scenes around me. Yelling and panic. Nataliya was the one that kept me moving. She made me feel safe in the chaos.
The day I lost her, is still so unrealistic to me.
Of course we never managed to leave the country. Hardly anyone did. 
The ones that didn’t die to the infected, found means to survive.
Survival had turned from running away to scavenging for food and weapons. Instead of running, we were hiding.
Without Nataliya I would without a doubt have lost my mind. Almost did anyway.
At one point, we lost her mother. Bitten by an infected, the group we was in, forced her to leave us. 
It took its toll on Nataliya, that merely stayed strong for me.

After this we just lost one after another of the group. 
Survival was no longer limited to avoid the infected. 
Rather survivors was going for each other as well. For the loot and gear.

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