A world turned into chaos...

I have resently startet playing DayZ and DayZ RP. In RP I have created the character Melody Shaw. This is her background story.


2. Such a simple childhood?

Growing up I was just a simple girl of rich parents.
From the day of my birth, I was set to follow my parents plan for me.
They loved the only child ever given to them, and for that reason I got the best a child could want.
Yet I was bound by their plans, and though options were always mine to choose from, they were limited. 
Meaning I stood free to choose from the options displayed by my parents.
Such was my childhood.
- An illusion of having a right and self-awareness of choice.
It wasn’t a bad childhood. I was cared for and loved. I never stood alone. 
And thou friends was also chosen for me, I had some fun times.
From the outside it looked like a prison. But I never felt like it being so.
It created a safe zone, where I had not to worry about the outside world.
At the time, I saw nothing wrong with this. Not knowing what was out there…
In general I was the good little girl, wanting to make her parents proud.
And thus I chose to do good in school, get good grades, have a good reputation and so forth.
In every way, I was the “Princess”. - Looks, like the perfect doll, with the mind of a ruler. -
Well, that was how I was described back then.
Today that saying probably wouldn’t fit me.
Growing up, becoming older, turning into a “lady”, I simply followed my parents plan for me.
And even thou I had every chance to become whatever I wanted to be, the plan was still to simply marry me off to the right man...
But if that had been the plan, how come I ended up here? In this chaos?
How could the “princess” from this story, have ended up in the dirt?
I met the perfect person.

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