A world turned into chaos...

I have resently startet playing DayZ and DayZ RP. In RP I have created the character Melody Shaw. This is her background story.


5. Curiosity killed the cat?

I clearly remember Nataliya slapping the gun out of my hand, as I had it pointed to my head.
Her hugging me, whispering promises of everything going to be ok…
And once more her strength latched on to me. Thou the world had change around us, we were no different. We were still two opposites, perfect together. She reminded me of that.

Her words, warmth and love, is what still keeps me going. And the fact that without her I wouldn’t even be here, still alive.
Losing her was scarring to my inner. I felt like my heart split into pieces.
And it was even my fault.
With a smaller group we became tighter. A little family. Yet the facts had not changed.
As we arrived to yet another little abandoned city, we strived to find food.
Curious to a sound, I decided to investigate. Not letting Nataliya know at the time, is with out a doubt my biggest mistake in all of this. It could have saved her.
For what had made the sound, and for what that surprised me, was not an animal or another human…
The dead eyes, plain look, and torn clothes on the dirtied remaining body, all of it made me sick to my stomach. As a sound had awoken my curiosity, so did the infected become aware of me because of sound.
I remember myself screaming as the creature came towards me… Taking steps back before running…
I knew… If it got close enough I would be done for… I would become just as empty…
The world I had, even this bad world that was good when Nataliya was with me, would disappear.
I screamed her name. Even through fear, I was sure she would save me.
And she did.
As I stumbled and fell, and all hope left my body… She came to my rescue.
From the corner of my eye, I saw the monster dive towards me.
I felt myself taking one last breath as I in horror was sure it was over. 
Closing my eyes, last thing I saw was a flash of red.
I was sure it was blood.
But then I opened my eyes, realizing it was Natalia’s red shirt.
The love of my life, had with sturdy steps, walked between me and the monster.
And not long after I realized this, I also notices how the monsters teeth bore into her arm.
Actually it all happened so fast. Another member from our group was right behind her, and within seconds I heard the gunshot, that forced the monster – now really dead – to the ground.
I wanted Nataliya to help me up from the ground, instead she backed away… Letting someone else help me… 
I could see it in her eyes, as well as in everyone else’s...
At first I pleaded to go with her. 
For her not to leave me alone.
One thing was leaving the group… But leaving me?
Today I still think going with her would have been a better option, even if it meant my death.
Dying with her would have been ten times better, than being here alone. I still feel like this.
But she left me so I could live. I know that.
And so I moved on… Continued Living… Fighting for myself… For Others…
For Nataliya...

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