A world turned into chaos...

I have resently startet playing DayZ and DayZ RP. In RP I have created the character Melody Shaw. This is her background story.


3. Being set free!

As I started collage, I expected nothing to change. Even thou I was no longer under my parents supervising eyes, I had no intention to stray from their plan.
Until I met Her.
Nataliya was unlike any girl I had ever met before. 
She was wild and outgoing, always hyped to try something new, not scared of anything. 
At first I thought of her as crazy. Wrong – In a way.
A fact that she only found funny, and at several occasions later on, pointed out to people while laughing.
A laugh I grew to love so much…
We were nothing but friends doing the first years of college.
Logically I found my own fascination towards Nataliya weird, and of the same reasons, I was sure she would do to.
Even thou we were in every way different from each other, and her mindset was far freer of rulesets and opinions.

I still remember those years…
The years where I learned to be free, and to let go…
Not binding myself by my parents will or others look on me.
For once in my life, I felt genuine happiness.
Even with this secret close to heart....
Well... In a way, I don’t believe I was meant to keep it close... The secret. 
Not that I believe in faith and destiny… There was just so few roads my life could had gone at this time.
Which makes it even harder to wonder if I took the wrong one.
To not be here, I would have had to say no to love…
What human can do that?

Simply said, it all escalated when Nataliya saved me from some boys. 
Nothing extreme, just harassment, yet Nataliya acted as if she was the hero saving the princess from the dragon.
A phrase I used almost right after towards her. Another memory, she later laughed at with that lovely laugh.
It was that phrase that lifted the vail.
Causing her to admit that she didn’t mind being my hero.
…Causing me to respond that I didn’t mind being her princess.
At that point, one thing just lead to another.

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