One summer, Andrea and her family moved in a village called Green Meadows for the summer. Out of all the people she could meet there, she met Michael Jonson. What will happen to the both of them? Will they hate each other or fall madly in love with each other? Read on to find out!


5. Him?!

'Do you still, you know, still friends with your friend?' I asked.


'No!' Jason said 'He agreed to be her boyfriend!' 


'What's his name?' I ask.


'He's there' He said.


Jason pointed at a guy walked into the park, but when I get a closer look at him, I recognize him!


'Michael?!' I said.


'You know that guy?' He asked.


'Yeah, he's the one who woke me up at 2 in the morning!' I said.


'Oh' He replied.


Michael comes walking to us.


'Hey, sweetheart. Jason' He said.


'Sweetheart?! Are you guys dating?' Jason asks.


'Yes, yes we are!' Replied Michael.


'No, we aren't!' I said.


'I'm believing her!' Jason said.


'Why are you going to believe her?' Michael asked.


'Because if she was dating you, she would have not kissed me on the cheek!' Jason said.


Michael went red, then ran off.


'He's mad, isn't he?' I asked.


'Yeah, he is.' Jason replied.

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