One summer, Andrea and her family moved in a village called Green Meadows for the summer. Out of all the people she could meet there, she met Michael Jonson. What will happen to the both of them? Will they hate each other or fall madly in love with each other? Read on to find out!


1. 'Friends'

'Go ahead dear!' My mom said.


'But mom!' I said.


'But what, Andrea?' Countered my mom.


'What if they don't like pie?' I whined.


'What IF they do?' She countered back.


'Ugh! Fine!' I said.


'There! That's the spirit!' Screamed my mom.


'What spirit? Ghosts?' I asked.


'Andrea! Get your butt up there and give them the pie! And don't forget to be nice!' She screamed.


My mom went inside our summer house, and left me to give the pie to our newly moved neighbors!


I rang the doorbell, and a god-faced guy appeared!


He had striking blue eyes, messed up blonde hair, he wore a grey shirt and blue shorts, and is that abs I see!


'Quit checking me out! Am I the hot?' He asked.


I looked up to his blue eyes and said.


'Here's a pie my mother forced me to bring, and by the way, quit the ego dork.' I said.


I handed him the pie, and he took it.


'Names Michael, sweetheart,' He said.


'Names Andrea, dork.' I said.


'You should really stop insulting a guy as hot as me!' He said.


'I should, but I won't!' I said back 'Bye,bye, now.' 


And I walked back to my house.



'Andrea! Get your but up that doorstep and give them the pie! And don't forget to be nice!' She said.



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