One summer, Andrea and her family moved in a village called Green Meadows for the summer. Out of all the people she could meet there, she met Michael Jonson. What will happen to the both of them? Will they hate each other or fall madly in love with each other? Read on to find out!


4. Crush

Later that day, (around 3:00p.m.) I went to this park, where I saw this guy, sitting alone on the grass. 


He is cute, cuter that Michael, but hopefully, not as obnoxious. He wore a blue shirt, with denim pants. He had striking green eyes, messed up brown hair, and he also had abs.


I walked up to him.


'Hey' I said.


'Hey' He said sadly.


'My name's Andrea, what's your's?' I asked.


'Jason' He said with a frown.


I sat down next to him.


'Why are you sad?' I ask him.


'I am not telling that information to strangers, you might tell other people' He said.


'A. I am not a stranger, since we have met properly, B. I am an introvert, C. I don't know that much people, just you, my family, and an annoying guy, and D. You can't just be bottled up! Let it all out and you'll feel much better.' I said


'Your one cheeky gal' He said.


'Thank you' I replied.


'That wasn't a compliment!' He said.


'But, I take it as one, Jason' I replied to him.


'Now, because I am sad, well my girlfriend broke up with me, for my best friend…' He said.


'Who on Earth, is dumb in of to dump a nice guy like you?' I ask.


'My ex is apparently, and you just met me, how would you know if I'm nice?' He asked.


'Because you are being a nice guy right now!' I said.


'Well I'm still sad…' He said.


I kissed him on the cheek.


'There, much better?' I ask.


He nods is head, and then smiled.


I felt something inside of me bursting alive, when I pecked him. Do I have a crush?!




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